For most of us who play slots, we expect to put our money into the machine and hope to get paid. Imagine, just for a second, how amazing it would be to get paid to put your money into the machine, and then get paid when you win! If that sounds like a dream, then meet the man living that dream: YouTube Channel Creator and Star and “Slot Machine Influencer,” Brian Christopher! Listen to podcast version.

URComped CEO Craig Shacklett recently had the chance to interview the YouTube Star. For Christopher, his self-described “entrepreneurial instinct” inspired him to transform his love of slot machines and take that passion and monetize it by creating YouTube gaming videos (1:52). Christopher explains to Shacklett how it “literally took about a month” (2:08) for him to realize that his project could become something that would generate income when he began to see his YouTube subscriber numbers rapidly grow. These numbers led to an invitation to join YouTube’s partnership program. Even though Christopher says he was familiar with YouTube, this area was new to him. That partnership program enabled YouTube to attach advertisements to his videos (2:34). For Christopher, this was especially fortuitous. His YouTube channel was now making a little bit more than he had as an Uber and Lyft driver, which, as he says “was supporting my acting career” (2:45). As the YouTube channel began to take off, he says he had to put his dreams of acting on the backburner to take advantage of the incredible opportunity in front of him.

Brian Christopher
Brian Christopher | Courtesy Brian Christopher

Christopher explains that he had always dreamed of making the move to Southern California from his native Canada to pursue his goal of becoming a movie star. He says he and his husband, Marco, had long planned the move, and he worked hard, wanting to make sure he had a professional enough resume before making the move to the Golden State. Christopher was forced to work for free for his first several months waiting for his work visas to come through. He says just as his acting career began to take off in Hollywood, so too did his YouTube channel. Timing, as they say, is everything!

So how does one go from acting in the Great White North to becoming an actor/slot machine influencer? For Christopher, it began with a love of gambling (5:02). The legal age for playing Bingo in Canada is 18 and playing slots is 19. Christopher says that he began with Bingo and as soon as he reached 19, he headed into the casinos and to the slot machines, where he fell in love.  

While Christopher is one of the major names when it comes to slot machine influencers, he wasn’t the first. Craig wanted to know how Brian Christopher came to be the leader in the YouTube slot machine world. Shacklett was curious how Christopher took the existing concept and expanded it to the level that he is at today.

Christopher cites YouTuber Phillip DeFranco as one of his favorite personalities to watch and listen to. In addition to finding inspiration in DeFranco’s channel, Christopher says he “started seeking out classes to take and books to read, and to learn more about how it all works” (6:18). In addition, he began to attend conferences, including the G2E (the Global Gaming Expo–which Craig explains is “the biggest conference in the world where a lot of bigwigs from casinos around the world and casino vendors are all there” (7:29), where he gained confidence in the connections he had made and in what he was doing. He explains, “I was definitely confident. Because of the growth happening so quickly, there was a little buzz around the channel. So I was able to use that to get in and make some contacts at the beginning. And one of the contacts I actually made there at the beginning was a great contact. But we didn’t work together for about two-and-a-half or three years after that. But we stayed in contact the whole time. And we always knew there’s going to be some time where we would work together. And so it shows you that those little baby steps and those nudges you do at the beginning of will pay off.”  

For Christopher, the red carpet is not always rolled out to meet him when he contacts a casino about recording slot play in their venues. As he explains (8:22), “most of them don’t allow recording at all. And some of them are open to the idea. But most of the time, I have to do a lot of nudging and convincing.” Christopher says he will often point out that they can “watch any one of my two thousand videos and see what I do, and you’ll notice that I’m not doing anything bad. It’s actually good for you.” The hardest thing, he says, “is just convincing people that don’t know the importance of social media, how important it really is” (8:48).  

Like most of the gaming industry, Christopher says his YouTube channel’s revenues also suffered because of advertisers who pulled ads during the pandemic shutdown. He explains that his company shoots videos 2-3 months in advance, so they were able to continue to upload new content but were definitely ready to get back to work. For Christopher, that work came in the form of Coeur D’alene Casino in Idaho, which was among the first casinos to reopen. Christopher explains that the casino management wasn’t exactly excited about being put front and center of this new normal, but Christopher explained how their new safety protocols could be seen as a model, and in the end, the casino received positive feedback all around.  

Christopher is not only an avid slot influencer, he is also an advocate of what he believes in. As he explains to Craig, he is an advocate of mask usage as we navigate this pandemic. Additionally, he is a staunch believer in non-smoking casinos. He says, “I’ve got dozens and dozens of emails from casinos repeatedly saying, ‘Your health is our number one priority. The health and safety of our people. And we’re doing… We’re speaking with all the health experts and everything else.’ And I’m like, ‘I want to call BS on it’ and be like, ‘If you really care about our health and safety, you would ban smoking in your casino.’ You can have outdoor patios. There are many casinos that even have outdoor patios with slot machines or… That works. But when you’re making the staff and the patrons breathe it in non-stop. That’s not really fair to everybody. So I’m loving the changes that are happening and I hope that continues. And masks need to be mandatory everywhere if you want to just flatten this curve. I keep reading that the worst is still yet to come and that’s pretty darn scary. The last thing we want is for all these things to close up again. And we’re talking about entertainment here, right? Casinos are supposed to be fun and entertaining. So if you really want to have your entertainment, then put on a darn mask already” (13:44).

While Christopher is excited about his advocacy work, it is still the slots that brought him where he is today. But lest we think that his life is hanging out in the casino dropping coins, Christopher says gaming only counts for about 5% of his work. He says most of his time is spent

shipping merchandise (including masks, btw) from his offices. In addition, his time is spent negotiating on the phone with casinos as he tries to gain access into their venues so he can shoot the games we all want to play. After that, there’s also video editing, promotions, scheduling–in other words, it’s a real job (although a pretty cool one!).

Check out Brian Christopher’s amazing videos at–and be sure to check in with your URComped travel host to sign up for one of the URComped sailings with Brian and his “Rudies.” You never know–you just might hit the next hand pay he features in one of his videos!

URComped CEO, Craig Shacklett, sits with, youtube’s #1 slot channel star, Brian Christopher to learn more about how the channel came about, what goes on behind the scenes, and the future of BC slots.

Full transcript below

(00-0:33) Craig Shacklett: Hello everybody. We are in for a treat today. We have got a very special guest. Brian Christopher, the number one casino slot influencer on the planet, I think. Youtuber. You may know him from multiple channels. He’s everywhere. And he’s both physically and in the on-line domain. You cannot miss Brian Christopher if you like slot machines. Brian, it’s such a treat. Thank you for being here.

(0:33-0:35) Brian Christopher: Great to see you again, Craig.

(0:35-0:45) CS: Alright. So Brian, I think a lot of people… You probably hear this all the time. You have a dream job for somebody that likes to play slots. How did you get into this?

(0:45-1:21) BC: Well, yeah. I do hear that all the time. But if only they knew. No. I mean, this was never what I planned to do. It just kind of happened. I put up some videos for fun. They took off and I rolled with it. And somehow I just… I’ve always had this entrepreneur or entrepreneurialship inside of me. I’ve always wanted to do businesses. And so I was like, “Well maybe I can see where this goes.” And I’ve always keep trying to one up myself and keep on growing. And it seems to be working okay.

(1:21-1:31) CS: It sure has. I mean, I think when I started following you. Maybe the first time we talked. You maybe had twenty thousand followers
as of June 30th. What is it up to now?

(1:31-1:36) BC: Oh, I don’t know. I lost count. It’s around two hundred seventy thousand. Something around there. Yeah.

(1:36-1:38) CS: Nice. Nice.

(1:38-1:46) BC: You see out of my other channel? Because we have another. Second channel for on-line slots only. And that one has just about thirty five.
So we’re just over three hundred total.

(1:46-1:48) CS: Nice. Congratulations.

(1:48-1:49) BC: Yeah.

(1:49-2:07) CS:Alright. So you’ve always had an entrepreneurial instinct. You were dabbling in a few different things. But what was it that you’re like, ”Whoa… I think we got something here.” Like what… When did you say like, “Alright. This isn’t just a hobby of me posting some videos of me playing slots. This is sometimes I can maybe make some money in.”

(2:07-3:08) BC: I mean, it literally took about a month. Which is crazy. But I mean, after the first week I saw so many subscribers coming in. And so many comments. And it was a new world to me. I knew about youtube but I didn’t know about growth or anything else. And it was one month area or time when I got contacted by the youtube partner program inviting me to join it. So I was like, “Alright. Sure. Let’s do it.” And so then I was able to add ads on to the videos or rather they added the ads. And I was like, ”Okay. Well, I’m now making a little bit more than I was as an Uber and Lyft driver which was supporting my acting career.” And I was like, ”Okay. Let’s keep on going and see where this takes us.” And thank goodness. I was able to let that part of my life go. And I had to jump right in. I had to make the conscious decision to put my other plans on hold and go full throttle with this one.

(3:08-3:19) CS: It’s… I guess that is a good opportunity to jump back. So you’re originally from Canada. And you moved from Canada. What prompted you to move from Canada to Southern California? You said it was acting?

(3:19-4:22) BC: It was always my dream to get to L.A. as an actor. I was acting since I was a little kid. And so I always wanted to be in the movies. And I was with my husband Marco for many years. And we had talked about making the move. But I wanted to make sure I had a good enough resume under my belt before I made that move. And so once when the time finally hit where I was like, ”Okay. I’ve been in enough to know TV shows and films for me to make the move. We looked into it. And luckily he was able to get a transfer with his work and get on over here to California. And for the first… I think it’s about a year or so. At least six months I wasn’t even able to work. So I was just taking acting classes and getting to know people in the industry and auditioning for a really horrible student films and stuff because I couldn’t get paid. So I was like, “I will work for free.” And eventually was able to start auditioning. But literally, right after that moment is when this started.

(4:22-4:26) CS: Wow. And when you say you weren’t able to work is like a work visa issue.

(4:26-4:54) BC: Yeah. Had to wait for the visa and the paperwork to go through. It was like a six-month process. I think something like that. Six months to a year. And then when I finally came in I was able to work for Lyft and Uber. And I’m also a caterer too. I was catering… I catered the Golden Globes and stuff. It’s pretty cool. I did a lot of fancy… I worked out people’s houses for rich millionaires and stuff. I was working hard for my money.

(4:54-5:02) CS: It’s amazing. So in Canada… Were you playing slots in Canada? Was this something you kind of picked up in the U.S.? Or… Talk about that.

(5:02-5:30) BC: I’ve always loved slots. In Canada you have to be nineteen to play on slot machines. Have to be eighteen to play bingo. So of course, I started playing bingo. And then I went in. And when I can go to the casinos… And I started going to casinos and playing slots. But I would probably go two times a year something like that. Maybe three times a year as opposed to weekly. The times have changed a little bit because I need to make content.

(5:30-5:56) CS: So there’s people before you that put videos up on of them playing slots. But when it comes to being a casino influencer and really building a business around it, you’re blazing a lot of trails. When you were… As you’re growing, were you looking at influencers? Maybe other niches that to get tips. Or how did you know? How have you figured out the path to take?

(5:56-7:27) BC: I haven’t really looked at many people. Like Philip DeFranco, I’ve always enjoyed listening to him. And he was really the only youtuber I ever watched semi-religiously. I think where I took most of my input from was right after I decided to go full throttle with this. I started seeking out classes to take.
And books to read. And to learn more about how it all works. So I went to conferences. I went to the vidsummit and vidcon and G2E. I went to G2E. What was it like six months or so. May, June, July, August, September, October. Yeah. Six months after I started I was already at G2E. I had maybe fifteen thousand subscribers. Or ten thousand or something like that. And I was like, “I’m a youtube gambler. And I’m really cool. And you should let me record your stuff.”
And I was a little bit… I don’t want to say cocky, but confident. I was definitely confident. Because of the growth happening so quickly there was a little buzz around the channel. So I was able to use that to get in and make some contacts at the beginning. And one of the contacts I actually made there at the beginning was a great contact. But we didn’t work together for about two-and-a-half or three years after that. But we stayed in contact the whole time. And we always knew there’s going to be some time where we would work together. And so it shows you that those little baby steps steps and those nudges you do at the beginning of will pay off. Yeah.

(7:27-7:43) CS: And so for anybody who doesn’t know G2E is Global Gaming Expo. It’s the biggest conference in the world where a lot of bigwigs from casinos around the world and casino vendors are all there. So… And we actually hung out together G2E two years ago.

(7:43-7:46) BC: That would have been two years ago that we hung out. Yeah.

(7:46-8:10) CS: Wow. So… Alright. So… And actually there you gave a speech which is kind of goes to show how you’ve grown so quickly. And so when did it switch from you trying to talk casinos into letting you film in there? Because that’s always a struggle. They’re like, ”What are you doing with the camera to them reaching out to you to come film?” When did that transition happen?

(8:10-9:08) BC: It’s still transitioning. I’m still trying to convince casinos. Because still I’d say at least half of them, if not seventy five percent of them, probably still don’t know. I think it’s even more than that. Most of them don’t allow recording at all. And some of them are open to the idea. But most of the time I have to do a lot of nudging and convincing. They’ll ask me so many questions. Like we don’t do that. And why would we know… And then I’m like… And then when you ask me questions, I’m like, “Well, you can just watch any one of my two thousand videos and see what I do and you’ll notice that I’m not doing anything bad. It’s actually good for you.” The hardest thing is just convincing people that don’t know the importance of social media. How important it really is. Because some people that are in charge, unfortunately, don’t get it still. But yes. I’m definitely getting casinos reaching out to me more and more which is a great thing.
Which is why our schedule is so crazy busy right now.

(9:08-9:44) CS: Yeah. I want to get back to that in a minute. Because we’re in crazy times. And it’s like people that are skeptical of coming to a casino and for obvious reasons. And actually we just get into that. So it seems like you’ve… This has been… Well actually, I don’t know if it’s been good for business or bad for business. We weren’t able to go to a casino for a couple months. But now as they re-open, casinos want to help people build confidence in coming to play.
And what better way than invite an influencer to show that it’s safe and fun. So what’s it been like for you post COVID-19?

(9:44-9:48) BC: I mean, we’re not posted yet. But… Yeah.

(9:48-9:54) CS: Yeah. As casinos re-open we’re still in it.

(9:54-11:51) BC: Yeah. I mean, so the closure hurt our channel. We thought we’d see a huge influx of views. And we pretty well stay stagnant of views. But all the marketing people pulled their money out of ads because no one could sell anything. So we were hit about… We lost forty percent in revenue because of it.
But we were doing fine. And we’re taking care of our staff just fine. And luckily, we had a lot of videos behind us. We try and film two to three months in advance. So we were… We’re doing okay. And then time was running out. And we were running out of videos. And then we started hearing about casinos opening. And the very first one that opened was Coeur D’alene Casino in Idaho. So we reached out to them. They were a little hesitant at first. I don’t
know if we really want to be put on the world stage because we’re already put their being the first one. And I asked him everything, all the steps that they were doing to be super safe. And I’m like, “You guys are doing everything, right? It sounds pretty darn good. So if you want…” And I literally booked my flight and my own hotel before I even had confirmation. I’m like, “Well listen. I’m coming tomorrow. That’s what literally what I came down to was I’m gonna be there tomorrow. So try and get me the confirmations I need.” And they finally said, “Okay fine. Yeah. Let’s do it.” And they were so thankful, actually, that I did it. Because those videos got them so much positive attention and articles in newspapers about it as well because people saw it. And that’s what actually opened the eyes of other casinos that watch my video too. And they reached out to me and said… And then reached out to that casino asking them, ”What are they doing? What’s working? What’s not working?” And that’s what I wanted to do. It was to inform the public of what to expect when you go in. And that was the first casino you see people wearing masks or getting temperature checks. And people were like, “What the heck is this?”

(11:51-12:04) CS: It sounds like it’s they’re going too far but not necessarily in the end I guess. So you’ve been exposed now to have quite a few different casinos. What are you seeing good and bad? And not necessarily from the ones you’ve been to. It sounds like they’ve all been pretty safe.
But around the country, what have you been hearing good and bad from a safety perspective?

(12:04-14:40) BC: Yeah. I mean, I won’t lie and say that I was happy with all the casinos I went to. Some of them I didn’t know everything about it until I showed up. And so some of the night when I got to them they weren’t requiring masks to be worn. And my jaw hit the floor. I’m like… And I literally had that heart chow them like, “So why did you decide this exactly?” And challenging them on it. And it turns out that they have now flip-flopped. And they’re now requiring masks.
And which is a great thing. And also many casinos are now making themselves non-smoking which is very smart. Do you want… Do you really want people to pull down their masks and blow all over the place? No. I don’t think you do. And I mean, I’m a very outspoken person about smoking casinos. I think it’s about time we get rid of smoke in the casinos when only thirteen percent of the population of the U.S. actually smokes these days. It doesn’t really make sense that there… That should still be a thing. So the fact that this is happening is great. And like I mentioned before that first time I went to G2E and I made that one connection, it was with a non-smoking organization. And so now we’ve partnered with them. And we are tackling different casinos. And so over the next little
while I’m going to be traveling in different casinos and promoting the fact that they have gone on smoking now. Because I think it’s amazing what they’re doing. Even though it may be temporary it needs to go forward from there because… And I’m sorry if I’m going on too long. I’m very passionate. But I don’t know about you, but I’ve got dozens and dozens of emails from casinos repeatedly saying, “Your health is our number one priority. The health and safety of our people. And we’re doing… We’re speaking with all the health experts and everything else.” And I’m like,” I want to call BS on it”.” And be like, “If you really care about our health and safety you would ban smoking in your casino.” You can have outdoor patios. There are many casinos that even have outdoor patios with slot machines or… That works. But when you’re making the staff and the patrons breathe it in non-stop, that’s not really fair to everybody. So I’m loving the changes that are happening and I hope that continues. And masks need to be mandatory everywhere if you want to just flatten this curve. I keep reading that the worst is still yet to come and that’s pretty darn scary. The last thing we want is for all these things to close up again. And we’re talking about entertainment here, right? Casinos are supposed to be fun and entertaining. So if you really want to have your entertainment then put on a darn mask already.

(14:40-14:44) CS: What’s the name of the organization? We give them a shout out?

(14:44-15:49) BC: Yeah. It’s… They go… There’s a couple different companies out there. They all work together. There’s Americans for non-smokers rights.
Or I can go to And the other really great list of casinos that are non-smoking is about eight hundred. Over eight hundred of them right now in the U.S. which is really great. And they also have all the stats that back everything up which is where I get the thirteen percent of Americans smoking that it’s a legitimate statistic. And you’ll see year-by-year how it keeps going down, down, down, down, down. But casinos have it in their mindset that they will lose their
patrons if they go non-smoking. But it’s just not the case. I mean, if you look at full countries like Australia, Canada or even in Macau that have gone non smoking they are thriving. They’re doing just fine without a cigarette smoke. And just like when bars and restaurants said no smoking in the U.S. everyone claimed they would all go out of business. Well, people still smoke. Or people still eat and drink. So it’s… They’re doing just fine.

(15:49-15:56) CS: And just curious. Where does vaping… Is that… Are they anti-vaping? Or is that kind of a gray area because of the second?

(15:56-16:24) BC: There’s no gray area. Yeah. There’s no gray area? It is still horrible for you. It is still bad for you. It’s… And some studies even say that it’s even worse for you. And some slot manufacturers that it’s horrible for the slot machines because it gets inside of them and ruins them too. So… Well… And it… I mean, you’ve heard all the news about what it does people’s lungs here. And people just… Even kids that are eighteen dying from it. So… Yeah. It’s no better.

(16:24-17:08) CS: Alright. Well. Thank you for getting that out. It is interesting. I have a friend that was at Harrah’s, New Orleans when they went non-smoking. Perhaps probably been five years ago now. They were watching very closely the numbers. And I know it was a drop off. And it wasn’t… I remember what they said was… It wasn’t that people would stop showing up. Its that instead of having three or four hours straight at a game just getting in the zone, they realize they need a break. They get up and stop. And come back. So there’d be like little breaks. But get to your point, I think the pros of being non-smoking, obviously, health. Like you live longer. Outweigh the cons. But…

(17:08-17:11) BC: Absolutely.

(17:11-17:39) CS: Alright. So moving on. Your videos are so fun to watch. I think your enthusiasm comes across. And we talked earlier about the dream job.
And I think a lot of people when they watch you have so much fun. They think you are just rainbows and butterflies all the time. But I know you’re running a business and it’s hard work. So why don’t you tell us a little bit about what goes on behind the scenes?

(17:39-18:35) BC: Yeah. I think playing slot machines is what people think… I think it’s all I do. So that probably represents five percent of my work. To give you an idea, I was here on… I’m in my office right now in Playa Vista in Los Angeles. I was here Sunday until 10 o’clock at night. I was here yesterday at seven in the morning until 10:30 at night. I was here at eight o’clock this morning. It is hard, hard work.And this is our office. We’ve taken over a second office. We have so much work to do right now. And so I have three workers in the other office going crazy right now. We’re shipping out tons and tons of our products from our site which is a huge undertaking. We’re used to doing thirty orders a week maybe. And we have thousands in the last week alone. We sold over five… Well, we sold five thousand of our masks which is a little bit.

(18:35-18:37) CS: Show the mask.

(18:37-18:45) BC: Yeah. Here’s one of them right here. This is the jackpot mask. There it is right there.

(18:45-18:46) CS: Yeah. Good.

(18:46-20:40) BC: Yeah. I love these masks. They are so soft and sexy. But I’m not going to promote them because we’re out of stock. So… And I don’t want to ship anymore. But yeah. So our day is… Today, I have four conference calls with different casinos. Because people want to come visit a casino that it involves
many, many chats with all layers of people who work there. They want to… It’s usually the same conversation we have every time. Safety precautions they want to take. And we now got to figure out dates. And so we do a lot of chats like that. It’s setting up social media posts and videos. That’s what I was doing a lot yesterday and last night. And we do promotions. So we always promote for quick hits. So I was editing an ad for that today that will go out on Friday. And the it’s non-stop. Look. It is a seven-day-a-week job. And I probably do eighty plus hours a week. Unless and when I’m at a casino is even longer because we have to film all those hours to make videos. But then… I then have to catch up on all the work and all the emails that we have just sitting here on the ecology right now. I’ve got another thirty emails I got to go through. Because people… We… I do have a lot of employees but we all and myself, we handle everything. Like I was emailing back tons of fans today that ask questions and messaged responding back on Facebook and Instagram. I don’t want to just ignore everyone. And people have a lot of legitimate questions. How do you do this? How does this work? How do… And it’s the same questions I get a lot. So I should just do a copy and paste. But I don’t. I just respond each and every time. But even with all that, I love every second of what we do when we’re having a great time doing it. So if it sounds like I’m complaining, I am definitely not. We worked super, duper hard but we loved every second of it.

(20:40-21:05) CS: You mentioned some staff. So you started and… I love this story. I didn’t realize how quick it was from the time you hit that first video. And maybe after you could send us the link we can show the one. Could then you tell me one time before me is that G2E that there was kind of one video that popped your… Maybe caught your attention. Or they all… What was it like? Was there one that really took off? Or were they all kind of grow…

(21:05-22:50) BC: I mean, at the very beginning like the first day, I think, I uploaded three or five videos within an hour. I don’t know what I was doing. I just put them all out. And they were all two or three minutes. And then I didn’t put up anything for a week. And then I put up another five on a day, I think. I was throwing them up there for fun. But then when I went back to Vegas and I was going to meet up with my friend because his dad was getting married again or something and we made it to a casino. And I was like,” I want to put a hundred dollars in this high limit machine.” And I have never played highland before in my life. It was Cleopatra Two. It was a twenty line game, and I wouldn’t… I put in a hundred dollar bill. And I just did. I only played nine lines because I was like, ”I am never, ever going to be betting twenty dollar a spin.” Usually, I’m comfortable with like three to five dollars and I was doing nine-dollar spins. And like my first seven or eight spins were nothing. Didn’t hit a thing, but I was still filming it. And then we hit the bonus. And it was like the biggest bonus you could imagine on that machine. It was so good. And I was swearing non-stop. I was excited. I couldn’t even drink my beer out of… The camera was shaking. It was like… It was so real. I think the emotion was so real. And the excitement level was ridiculous. At one point I even turned off my camera by accident because I was like shaking
so much. I had to let turn it back on because we triggered, I think, that’s for the second time. Oh my God. I’m gonna click power off. So I think that video right there just launched the channel to another level. I think that I imagine… Yeah. I think I want to start a few days ago is around two and a half million views on that one right now.

(22:50-22:57) CS: Nice. That’s amazing. And then… So launched another level. It went from you. When did you start hiring staff?

(22:57-23:30) BC: That’s about the one-year mark. I think it was the one-year mark where at this point I’m doing seven videos a week. Every single day editing the videos, making my thumbnails. Actually I don’t even think I made thumbnails back then. I think I literally just took a screenshot of something and put it up there. Some of my maintenance thumbnails for though… And that’s when I put out a notice for an editor. And I finally found my editor in Kentucky. And he’s been my editor for the last three years now.

(23:30-23:32) CS: Nice. And I got Britt who’s great.

(23:32-23:44) BC: Yeah. Britt’s been with us for just over a year now. And we’ve had other staff members that have come and gone. We have a few other ones that work behind the scenes. Or temporary here and there whenever we need them to.

(23:44-23:54) CS: Yeah. Well, I know we’ve been working with you and Britt on the Rudies Cruise which were… The next one’s October which were… Right. Our fingers crossed it’s going to happen.

(23:54-23:58) BC: Of course, it’ll happen. It will be the most amazing thing ever.

(23:58-24:02) CS: As long as you are wearing that the jackpot mask. Everyone’s got to stay safe.

(24:02-24:03) BC: Absolutely. Hundred percent. Yeah.

(24:03-24:10) CS: Yeah. And we’ve got another one in February, Rudies Cruise. Unfortunately, both of these are sold out now. They both…

(24:10-24:12) BC: Wait. February one’s sold out?

(24:12-24:23) CS: I think that one just came across, I think, just yesterday. I figured that out. So we’ll have to schedule more because they’re a lot of fun.

(24:23-24:35) BC: I know. This is this crazy. It’s this… But there they are the best fun ever. The most fun that I’ve ever had. And we literally close down the casino every day. Together.

(24:35-24:46) CS: It’s so much fun. Now the content… The videos are amazing. It feels like I’m there. And you always film that music video. Inevitably everyone in our office will start singing once that drops.

(24:46-24:48) BC: Yeah.

(24:48-24:53) CS: So what do you see from you, from BC Slots for the next twelve to eighteen months?

(24:53-26:34) BC: Oh gosh. I just… I can’t even imagine every time I’m asked that question throughout my career. I just… I can’t imagine what’s happening. Like when I’m in the moment I’m in right now. I can’t imagine what’s happening right now. Like it’s unbelievable. So the next… Well, the next six months are already solidified. We are completely solid with trips to casinos and holding events and cruises and everything else. Next year… I mean, I don’t know how you one up that. Maybe more, more cruises. More… I don’t know. I love to reinvent myself over and over again and try different things. Like around the one year marker. One and a half year mark. Or two years. I forget now we did. I started doing like three hundred sixty videos. Or you could see… You could spin the video around the see the whole casino and me on the other side. And then I introduced picture and picture. So now they don’t have to spin around. Everything is see me the whole time and see the game the whole time. We’re always trying to find something new, something different and unique. Because when I first started my channel there was a dozen channels that did this. And now there are hundreds of them. And they look to us at the top that are like, ”Oh this is how they do it. Okay. Let me do that too.” And I’m like, ”Okay. Everyone’s doing it now. Okay. Now I’m gonna change this and that.” You always got to stand out a little bit. And that’s my message. Everyone has that want to start their own channel too is… Find out what everyone else is doing is great. Do your research. But then find out how you can one up them. Or shake it… Make a little bit more unique. Like there’s what, a million make-up channels, make-up tutorials as well. How can you… How can you stand-out from the rest? That’s really tough niche to get into for sure.

(26:34-26:48) CS: Well, that’s great wisdom. And we have no doubt you’re going to continue to innovate and blaze new trails. And we’re excited to keep working with you. We love doing these cruises with you in the Rudies. And so for more information, where should they go?

(26:48-26:51) BC:

(26:51-26:52) CS:

(26:52-26:54) BC: Yup. Exactly. Yeah.

(26:54-27:00) CS: And then search Brian Christopher on Youtube. And you’ve got a few different channels that are… Right. You have how many channels now on Youtube?

(27:00-27:03) BC: Two. Yeah. Brian Christopher Slots and Brian Christopher On-line.

(27:03-27:10) CS: Well, Brian it’s always a pleasure. I know we’ll be talking quite a bit about organizing these events. And so just thank you for making time.

(27:10-27:16) BC: My pleasure Craig. Thank you so much.



When Stace is not in the casino trying to finally get her first hand pay, you will find her at work as a Housing Counselor or in class, pursing her doctorate in strategic leadership. She is a music trivia ringer, having spent 30 years as a morning radio personality, and mom to 17 and glam-ma to 28 and counting (yes, really!). Her favorite ports (so far) are St Maarten and Ketchikan.


  • Hector Cantu, August 29, 2020 @ 8:42 pm Reply

    Awesome Video – Craig. I have been a Rudie and Brian Christopher follower for sometime now. I never have had the chance to meet him in person, but I have mentioned as a former Veteran with PTSD – his casino videos really helped me pass the time. Thank goodness some content that really helps me enjoy the casino without having to go out there and spend. I do spend to support his cause – but we all do what we can do day by day. Thanks Brian Christopher – a life saver and secret angel working the casinos and providing a service to your viewer all around the world. Thanks Craig for this platform and wishing you much success.

  • Hector Cantu, August 29, 2020 @ 8:57 pm Reply

    Craig. I haven’t been to Las Vegas in a long while – and now the Casinos are really sticking it to the Visitors wanting to go out there to play but their Casino hotels are charging over $100 in Hotel Resort Fees. I suppose that many of the hotels or smaller casinos are going to get all the business now – since they don’t charge resort fees. Maybe you should make a story on the many hotel /casino not charge resort fees to help all those wanting to visit during or after this pandemic 2020. I will be going to Las Vegas in Sept. 2020 – and fortunately have a brother who is a first responder and his wife that invest in a time share that enables me to stay in Las Vegas for seven days. The place is called The GrandView Resort hotel. The hotel /casino on the strip are now very stingy and not appreciative for their former customers that spend their money there – by now charging them resort fees and no comp room. I guess once the word gets out that these casinos are mistreating their patrons – they will lose out way more than they can recover. Maybe its time they get new Marketing directors and Casino Owners that know how to treat their former casino goers – otherwise their hotel customer list will shrink and left holding a non-viable business.

  • Donna Fetherman, June 2, 2022 @ 8:34 am Reply

    I love BC watching his videos has given me some good advice on slots.
    He speaks about smoking in casino’s I believe Cruises need to stop smoking in the casinos, it such a small area with lower ceilings than a land casino. I know there is non smoking sections but we still breath in the smoke and smell. Some people who would love to gamble cannot because of the smoke, so please let’s push to ban smoking in all casinos both land and sea .

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