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“Increase Your Casino Comps: Insider Strategies Revealed”

Intro to Calculating Comps Before understanding how to maximize your comps, you might want to take a moment to understand how exactly they’re calculated by

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Premium Cruise Experiences- Exclusive Luxury on the Major Lines

Embarking on a cruise is often synonymous with relaxation, adventure, and unforgettable experiences. However, for those seeking a journey that transcends the ordinary and instead

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Cruise Line Status Matching- Seas the Opportunity!

For those who haven’t heard: Status matching is a program in which a cruise line offers perks, benefits, or loyalty status to travelers who hold

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Casino Host Survey

Are you a player that works with a casino host at one or more properties? We want to hear from you! CompedTravel is collecting anonymous

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How URComped Co-founders Craig Shacklett and Cale Sherry Created a World of Players, Comps, and a Culture of Fun

How does a class project become a thriving, innovative business? Since 2014, URComped’s co-founders, Craig Shacklett and Cale Sherry, have placed their bets on creating

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How to maximize your casino offers

URComped CEO, Craig Shacklett, shares 5 simple tips to help any level player MAXIMIZE their casino offers (without increasing how much you bet!)

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Do I need Travel Insurance for a Comped Cruise?

You’ve taken the time to plan your dream cruise and now all of that preparation and waiting has paid off when you hear the most