For those who haven’t heard: Status matching is a program in which a cruise line offers perks, benefits, or loyalty status to travelers who hold a similar status or membership with another cruise line. Much like what URComped does for casino players, It’s a way for cruise lines to attract new customers who have proven their loyalty with a competitor.

Here’s how it typically works…

Verification of Existing Status: When a traveler requests a status match, they usually need to provide proof of their loyalty status or membership with another cruise line or a related travel program. This could include showing a membership card, a recent statement, or other documentation that demonstrates their standing. You might remember going through similar steps to prove your casino play when signing up for URComped– it’s the same premise! 

Offer of Equivalent Status or Benefits: Upon verification, the cruise line may offer an equivalent level of status or benefits within their own loyalty program. This could include perks like cabin upgrades, priority boarding, onboard credit, discounts on amenities, or other privileges.

It’s important to note that status matching often comes with its own set of terms and conditions. The benefits offered, the duration of the matched status, and any additional requirements to maintain that status might vary from one cruise line to another.

MSC’s Voyagers Club is among one of the few loyalty programs to offer status matching. If you possess status with one of 65 diverse brands, including major cruise lines and even hotels, MSC will align it with a corresponding tier in the Voyagers Club. it’s only a simple online form to find out what tier you’d qualify for! 

Unfortunately, it’s worth mentioning that MSC does not currently match status with airlines like United Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Delta Airlines, or American Airlines, etc. 

Of course, the Celebrity and Royal Caribbean continue to hold hands as well. 

Aside from enjoying all the Gold-level perks, Royal Caribbean Crown & Anchor Society members (Platinum status and beyond) can also access a range of additional benefits, including the opportunity to have their status matched with Celebrity Cruises’ Captain’s Club. 

And as expected, this goes both ways! Those with a Captain’s Club status of Select or better also have access to a status match with Royal Caribbean. If you’d like to see where you might be placed, just check out this document

Virgin Voyages also provides a status match for their Sailor’s Club, and you can view the tier list here

Accessing these types of tier lists is always a good way to gauge where you may end up with your new cruise line’s loyalty program. We always recommend trying to find lists like these on the cruise line’s website so you’re able to set expectations before applying for your status match. 

Before you book your next cruise vacation, make sure to check your status matching opportunities beforehand!



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