You’ve taken the time to plan your dream cruise and now all of that preparation and waiting has paid off when you hear the most magical words one can hear from the cruise line, ‘Your cabin has been fully comped!’

Now you have to decide whether you’d like to add travel insurance to your reservation. You may be wondering why you might need to add a travel insurance policy to a comped reservation, so here are a few reasons why purchasing a policy for your booking is an excellent idea:

  • Booked flights, baggage fees, pre-paid excursion costs add up and if you can’t make your cruise you should get those costs back
  • A travel insurance policy can help cover yourself or your loved ones if you find yourselves in need of medical care or hospitalization while overseas
  • Travel insurance can help reimburse you for the remainder of your trip should you become ill and no longer able to travel and finish your cruise and travel home early
  • If severe weather cancels flights or causes damage to your travel destination, travel insurance can reimburse your canceled trips
  • If you lose your job or are required to work during the time your trip was scheduled, travel insurance can help reimburse that lost trip for you

For more information on travel insurance and to receive quotes for your booking today, please visit our travel insurance partner!

What do I quote on Travel Insurance if I am comped by the casino?

If you are fully comped by the casino, you will enter $0 as your trip cost when quoting. Travel Insurance will then show you available travel insurance quotes to be able to compare plans and benefits and purchase.

When selecting the Primary Destination within the quote form, you’ll select your destination country from the list. If you are visiting multiple countries, choose the destination that you will be spending the most time during your trip or your first country of entry if equal times will be spent in each country or if on a cruise (you will still be covered when visiting other countries from your specified departure date through your return date).

Safe Travels!!!



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