Playing craps on a cruise ship differs from a land-based casino experience. Cruise ship players are limited to the onboard casino, with a typical table featuring a $500 maximum bet and a $10 minimum with single odds.

To maximize action, players may opt for alternative strategies. Rather than relying solely on a $10 Pass Line Bet with single odds, a strategic approach involves placing bets on specific numbers like the five and nine. This alternative method can result in more substantial winnings compared to the Pass Line Bet.

The emphasis is on placing bets on numbers, with the pass line reserved for occasions when the player is the shooter. When this role, combining Pass Line Bets with additional number bets enhances potential winnings. This strategy allows players to adapt their approach based on their role in the game, optimizing returns.

Overall, playing craps on a cruise ship involves adapting to unique table limits and strategically choosing bets for maximum enjoyment and potential profits.


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