URComped CEO, Craig Shacklett, shares 5 simple tips to help any level player MAXIMIZE their casino offers (without increasing how much you bet!)

1. Play in the casino with your card EVERYTIME!

Casinos will generally reinvest at a higher rate for your first offer. The second trip for casinos is the hardest to get. Come prepared to play at your highest level or wait til next time. There is no second chance for first impressions. If you are playing on a cruise- use your players card every time you play! If you are playing at a land based casino- be careful of what you use your players card for- each session is counted as a trip, and if you are only going to be there for 10 minutes and use your players card-this could ultimately lower your comps because it affects your average play. Watch video above for further explanation.

2. Bet a larger amount while the pit boss watches when you arrive at the table.

Ratings at most casinos are done the old fashioned way. The pit boss writes your name and players number on a piece of paper, and at the end of your session, he writes average bet and time played. The pit boss will typically watch your first bet and write it down. Depending on how busy he/she is throughout the night, that could be the only number he/she records. You also want to call the pit bosses attention when you make extremely high bets- so those are noticed and recorded as well. Watch video above for further explanation.

3. At the end of your session ask the pit boss what your ratings are.

One reason to do this is to make sure that you have been rated by the pit boss. Rating slips can get lost on busy nights. The main reason to talk to him is to get your rating bumped up by a little bit. Getting him to change your average bet from $90-$100 may not seem like much, but it means you will earn 11% more comps. Also getting him to add a half an hour more time to your play time will increase comps by 14%. Get them both and you just increased your comps by at least 25%! Be sure to tip the dealer- they are more likely to vouch for you if you are cool with them. Watch video above for further explanation.

4. Play on the same players card as your traveling companion.

You can ask your players club to print duplicates. Joint play looks bigger- 1 fully comped room is better than receiving 2 half priced rooms, whenever you’re planning on staying together anyways. Most players club benefits include plus one anyways. Might as well work together to get better comps. URComped does negotiate on our players behalf to combine couples play in order to maximize comps. Watch video above for further explanation.

5. Play at the table with the most amount of people.

Playing at a crowded table will slow the game down. The casino assumes 75 hands per hour for blackjack. Because the game is slower due to more people, you’re only playing 50 hands an hour, but you’ll be earning comps at a 75 per hour level. Watch video above for further explanation.



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