MSC Divina is a Fantasia Class Ship, inspired by Sophia Loren, which holds, 4,345 passengers and about 1,388 crew members. From its luxurious stone piazza to the Broadway-scale Pantheon Theater, the ship boasts stylish and sophisticated leisure facilities like its elegant Swarovski staircases and infinity pool. The MSC Aurea Spa offers a tranquil retreat for wellness treatments, while the Top 18 sun deck provides stunning sea views. 

For those seeking an elevated experience, the MSC Yacht Club offers a “ship within a ship” concept with 24-hour butler service and exclusive amenities, including the Sophia Loren Royal Suite designed by the iconic actress. A diverse range of onboard activities caters to solo travelers, families, and groups alike, from family deck parties to international meet-ups. Accommodation options vary from cozy interior cabins to spacious suites, ensuring comfort for every guest.

There is no shortage of entertainment options, with lavish theaters, glamorous casinos, and hi-tech facilities like cyber cafes, video arcades, and an F1 simulator. Various dining venues serve delectable cuisine, including fusion dishes at the Galaxy Restaurant, with exclusive dining options for MSC Yacht Club guests.

Bars and lounges offer refreshment and relaxation, with MSC Yacht Club guests enjoying the privacy of dedicated spaces like the Top Sail Lounge and The One Bar. In summary, MSC Divina provides an unparalleled blend of luxury, entertainment, and comfort, promising an extraordinary cruising experience for all aboard. 

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