Embarking on a cruise is often synonymous with relaxation, adventure, and unforgettable experiences. However, for those seeking a journey that transcends the ordinary and instead feels like over-the-top luxury, the world of VIP upgrades on major cruise lines is calling! 

In this guide, we’ll unveil the opulent realm of VIP suites, exclusive amenities, and outstanding service that redefines cruising in style. We’ll help you navigate through the lavish enhancements available to those looking to elevate their cruise experience to extraordinary heights.


The Haven is Norwegian Cruise Line’s exclusive ship-within-a-ship concept, offering a luxurious and private experience for guests seeking premium accommodations and personalized service. Some key benefits of The Haven include:

Firstly, guests stay in the most spacious suites on the ship, elevated both in height and luxury above the other cabins. They’ll also have access to private facilities such as a pool, sun deck, restaurant, and lounge, reserved exclusively for The Haven guests. A dedicated concierge and 24-hour butler service cater to guests’ every need, from arranging dining and entertainment reservations to assisting with personalized requests. Somehow, it doesn’t stop there!

Feel free to skip the line; The Haven guests enjoy priority boarding and disembarkation, for a guaranteed fast and seamless process. These guests also have exclusive access to specialty dining venues and prioritized reservations, making it possible for them to savor gourmet cuisine in intimate settings without the crowd or the wait. Along with dining, The Haven guests are provided reserved seating at shows and entertainment venues put aside just for them, as well as priority access to onboard activities and excursions.

Above all the other amazing benefits, one theme tends to stand out– The Haven supplies a serene, calm and private ambiance, the decks themselves a secluded oasis hovering above the busy activities of a larger ship.

ROCKSTAR – Virgin 

Aboard Virgin you’ll find the RockStar suites in lieu of a typical cabin. Guests with the elevated RockStar status can expect, first and foremost, luxurious and stylish suites designed by some of the world’s top designers to highlight the stunning views. Additionally, this status gives you the ability to lounge on “Richard’s Rooftop,” a private deck reserved just for RockStar guests as well as 24/7 access to a dedicated agent team that assists with pre-cruise arrangements and help with personalized service onboard.

If you’d like an even larger and more extravagant space with even more benefits then don’t be afraid to go an inch further with the Mega Rockstar suites, which are somehow even more impressive and ornate. Along with a beautiful Mega RockStar suite, your VIP status elevates your trip with even more benefits!

Mega RockStar guests have expedited boarding, early access to onboard experiences, and priority reservations for restaurants, entertainment, and the ship’s exclusive events. Don’t walk, ride! Mega guests also enjoy complimentary, private transfers to and from the ship and parking areas so they can ride in and out with style. 

Of course, we couldn’t leave out the mention of each suite’s lavish amenities, including a fully stocked, bottomless bar with premium spirits, personalized mini-bar preferences, and exclusive bedding and toiletries. RockStar guests can enjoy their own in-suite bars as well, but it’s been mentioned by past guests that the bar upgrade for the Mega RockStar suites are well worth it.

RockStars will, of course, have priority access to the ship’s most exceptional dining experiences, including the ability to dine at any restaurant onboard at any time. No need to think ahead on reservations! They’ll also receive invitations to exclusive events, parties, and performances, which is sure to make anyone feel like a VIP– because you are! 


MSC’s Yacht Club is an exclusive private sanctuary onboard MSC Cruises. 

Yacht Club guests have exceptionally private accommodations in the form of larger, spacious suites and personal balconies. Of course, this will also include the very popular 24/7 butler service to further add to a serene and upscale retreat. This includes anything from personal requests to arranging personalized experiences. Yacht Club guests also get an ALL INCLUSIVE experience that includes a premium beverage package, which can also be used on their private island, thermal spa access, and high-speed internet.  Guests also have access to exclusive areas, including a private pool, lounge, restaurant, and sun deck reserved only for Yacht Club guests. They’ll also have access to Ocean House Beach, which is the VIP area on Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve, their private island in the Bahamas.

Along with the expected priority onboarding and disembarking, you’ll also have exclusive access to a private restaurant serving gourmet cuisine, with flexibility in dining times and personalized curated menus. This restaurant can only be attended by Yacht Club members! 

As with all the others, guests can expect priority access to entertainment, spa services, and priority booking for onboard activities and shore excursions. Tranquil, elegant, and exclusive spaces on the ship such as a private Yacht Club pool, sun deck, and “Top Sail Lounge” are also included with your elevated booking type! 


Royal Caribbean’s Suite Neighborhood offers any and all guests staying in their signature suites an array of exclusive benefits and amenities for a premium and personalized cruise experience. Of course, suite guests enjoy larger and dressier rooms, many of which have private balconies. Just like the previous mentioned cruise lines, this will include a personalized concierge service to attend to guests’ needs: assisting with reservations, special requests, and personalized experiences.

Like always this includes access to exclusive areas and facilities reserved for suite guests such as the two-story Grove Suite Sun Deck, a private pool and hot tub, and two exclusive restaurants: Coastal Kitchen and Al Fresco Mediterranean Bliss.

Expedited boarding and disembarkation processes are always another plus to make sure you can get on and off the ship in a snap. Suite Neighborhood guests also enjoy reserved seating and priority access to shows, performances, and onboard activities. They’ll receive complimentary amenities such as beverage packages, internet access, and spa treatments may be included, depending on the suite category. No matter the category, however, attentive service from dedicated staff will always make sure guests have a tailored and luxurious experience while onboard. 

THE RETREAT – Celebrity 

The Retreat onboard Celebrity is an exclusive luxury experience, offering a range of elevated benefits and amenities for discerning guests staying in suites. Many of the key advantages are similar to other cruise lines, but a few stand out more than others. The Retreat offers spacious and stylish suites with modern amenities, including expansive balconies, premium bedding, and personalized butler service.

Suite guests have access to a private sundeck and lounge area, complete with a dedicated staff, private pool, hot tubs, and a bar, providing a serene and secluded environment away from the crowds. A dedicated butler will do just about anything while you lay poolside, from unpacking luggage to arranging dining reservations, shore excursions, and personalized experiences both onboard and during port visits.

Expedited check-in, priority embarkation, and disembarkation are of course a given for guests staying with The Retreat, but even more exciting is the access to Luminae by a private restaurant offering a sophisticated dining experience with a menu crafted by the renowned Michelin-starred chef Daniel Boulud, featuring locally sourced ingredients and personalized culinary creations. In case you’re not full from just that, there’s also complimentary 24-hour in-suite dining, including full breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

This luxury upgrade is also all-inclusive, meaning guests can indulge in a wide selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages throughout their cruise, either by the pool or in a restaurant. They’ll also enjoy the included premium wi-fi, which is always a treat onboard a ship of so many. 

Of course, guests can expect reserved seating at shows and priority access to onboard activities and events for a VIP experience during entertainment, as well as invitation-only events and gatherings, offering opportunities to mingle with fellow suite guests and enjoy curated experiences unique to The Retreat.



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