If you are a solo traveler earning comps from casino resorts or cruise lines, you may qualify for even more offers through URComped. If you’ve never traveled solo as a “comped player” with any of URComped’s partner cruise lines, you may wonder if there is a difference in the booking process or cost.

To start, all our partners are very welcoming to solo travelers and yes, you can book any of your individual offers as a solo vacation. Please keep in mind that if your URComped account is linked with a partner or spouse, then the offers you see are based on your combined play, so if you book solo your offer may differ. If you haven’t requested that your host combine your profile with anyone, you do not need to worry about this.

Comped Solo Travel with Royal Caribbean

Let’s start with what comped solo travel looks like with Casino Royale offers from Royal Caribbean. When you book any of your comp casino royale offers as a solo occupant in the cabin, then you will only pay port fees and taxes for yourself. If you decide to upgrade your cabin from whatever category you’ve been comped, you will have to pay the upgrade rate at double occupancy. For example, if you earned a comp oceanview, and you decide to upgrade to a balcony, you will have to pay the upgrade rate for 2 people. 


Taxes and port fees (self) 

Upgrading: Rate for double occupancy

Comped Solo Travel with Celebrity Cruise Line

Blue Chip Club offers from Celebrity Cruises follow the same rules as Royal Caribbean. So again, you’ll only pay port fees and taxes for yourself. But if you choose to upgrade, then you’ll pay the upgrade cost at a double occupancy rate.


Taxes and port fees (self) 

Upgrading: Rate for double occupancy

Comped Solo Travel with Virgin Voyages

Virgin Voyages’ Sea Terrace cabins are typically designed for double occupancy, and Virgin Does NOT impose extra charges for solo travelers. If you choose to sail alone, you’ll only pay port fees and taxes for yourself.


Taxes and port fees (self) 

Comped Solo Travel with MSC Cruises

MSC Cruises casino offers all require a deposit of $400, whether you sail solo or with someone. The $400 deposit will be returned to you as onboard credit once the cruise begins. Sometimes, as ships start to fill up, there will not be any single-capacity cabins available, but MSC’s casino comps are based on double occupancy. So this means that comped solo travelers don’t need to worry about being restricted to single cabin capacity.


Deposit of $400 (returned as Onboard Credit)

Comped Solo Travel with Norwegian Cruise Line

If you travel solo with a Casinos at Sea offer from Norwegian Cruise Line then you’ll only be required to pay taxes and port fees for yourself as well as the admin fee. There is not a different admin fee or government taxes for solo travelers. If you decide to upgrade, the price will be based on double occupancy, similar to Royal and Celebrity. Also, your offers are for double occupancy cabins, so you would be sailing in a double occupancy cabin unless you’ve specified a single occupancy cabin or if there are no double occupancy cabins available.


Taxes and port fees (self) 

Admin fee

Upgrading: double occupancy pricing

If you have more questions specific to your solo comped travel, please reach out directly to your URComped host, and they will help you get the answers. Thanks for listening and Bon Voyage!



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