Harrison County, Mississippi is one of the most traveled to vacation spots for gaming enthusiasts. Not only does this location offer beautiful Gulf Coast beaches, but also the delightful, esteemed casino resorts in the Biloxi area. In 2015, the first casino in D’Iberville opened its doors along with brand new, modern renovations that will enhance the entire player experience. The Scarlet Pearl has won numerous awards and its no question why. The attention to detail, design, and service at this property could not be better. URComped CEO, Craig Shacklett, interviews the Scarlet Pearl’s VP of Marketing, Ben Koff, to learn all about the property highlights, design, and brand new contemporary high-limits room. Listen to podcast version.

Topics discussed include:

  • How vibrant gaming got started in the Gulf Coast
  • What sets Scarlet Pearl apart
  • Effects of Hurricane Laura
  • The idea behind the Scarlet Pearl
  • Mississippi gaming compared to Las Vegas
  • Service and amenities offered
  • The Orchid Room- High Limit gaming experience

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URComped CEO, Craig Shacklett, interviews Ben Koff, VP of Marketing at the Scarlet Pearl Casino. This Gulf Coast property, which was recently built, has gone the extra mile in order to put their guest’s needs at the forefront. Koff and Shacklett discuss the Scarlet Pearl’s highlights, amenities, design, and more during this interesting interview.

Full Transcript Below

(0:00-0:27) Craig Shacklett: Hi everybody. Craig from URComped here. I’ve got a very special interview with a very special guest.
Ben Koff, VP of Marketing at the Scarlet Pearl Casino Resort. I’m having a hard time pronouncing the name of the city even though it’s not that hard. But it’s in the Gulf Coast. A “Hidden Gem” for a lot of people. Ben, thank you so much for being here.

(0:27-0:34) Ben Koff: Thank you. It’s great to be here in the city D’Iberville. It’s one of those city names with an apostrophe.

(0:34-1:09) CS: Apostrophes throw me off. But what’s funny is through this pandemic, with URComped, we mainly deal with cruise lines. And now cruises stopped, a lot of people are inquiring more about kind of resort destinations within the US. And we’ve been getting an unbelievable amount of inquiries about the Gulf Coast because, I mentioned, I called it a “Hidden Gem” a minute ago. But really a lot of people that have been there love it. But a lot of the country have not been to the Gulf Coast before.
So why do… You may start by talking about Scarlet Pearl. And then tell us about the region in general.

(1:09-3:01) BK: Actually, I take it the other way around because the region itself is a fascinating story. When gaming came to the Gulf Coast, it was a vibrant industry. But then Hurricane Katrina hit this area dead center and caused a lot of damage. We had casinos and barges that were like left on highways and left inland. And it was a lot of terrible devastation overall for not only the community but casino industry. In rebuilding in the next following years, it gave the opportunity for the industry to rebuild. And rebuild even better facilities across the coast. And move a little bit more inland. And take a different take on their investment structure. So right now, you have a vibrant gaming industry right here on the coast. Beautiful beaches. Wonderful weather. The best food you could ask for. I would put our food on a hook. If you want to have fancy, schmancy food. You know what Vegas is lovely? You can have that here too. But you can’t have the down-home cooking of someone cooking the Crawfish Boil. Eating oysters and shrimp freshly caught. Those are things that you can’t have in the middle of the desert. Can’t really have it in Atlantic City so much either. So we’re proud… It’s a wonderful gaming community and a wonderful hospitality community. The entire region… Its tourism. Its beaches. Its casinos. It was a lot more than just casinos here. And 5 years ago Scarlet Pearl Casino was built in D’Iberville. And so we have the unique ability to kind of look at what everybody’s done and build something different. And we’ve taken a different take. Some call us a Boutique Hotel. Boutique Casino on the coast. I would argue we’re a little bit bigger than that. But we do have a great feel. It’s a wonderful place to work in the gaming industry.

(3:01-3:55) CS: You make a great point about the region. About the uniqueness of it. And as Indian Gaming becomes more prevalent around the country. And gaming is kind of a commodity. I think the region becomes more and more important. And Vegas has been a draw for so long because of the volume I think. Vegas… The volume of people that go there. Vegas is a lot of things that only Vegas can do these crazy shows, the nightclubs. But now at the pandemic, it’s been… Vegas right now isn’t…
Doesn’t have all the things that makes Vegas great. And hopefully it comes back. But right now, the things that shine about the Gulf Coast they’re as shiny as ever. Beautiful beaches. Friendly people. Great food. I think you did a great job setting the table on it. So why don’t we… Going back to Scarlet Pearl specifically. So this is the newest casino in the region. The newest casino resort.

(3:55-4:13) BK: And its newest casino in the region. We opened in 2015. We’re about to celebrate 5 years. I’m sitting in our new redesigned and rethought high- limit gaming experience. I wouldn’t even call it a room. Because the room is… Anybody can make a room. It takes service, amenities, and the right staff to make an experience. And that’s kind of what we’ve done here at the Scarlet Pearl.

(4:13-4:21) CS: Is high-limit gaming something that is a big part of Scarlet Pearl business? Or how can you guys decide to redo that?

(4:21-8:27) BK: That’s a great question. We’ve always had a room. If you take a look at what the history of high-limit rooms. For the most part, it’s been a room off the main casino floor. You slap a high-limit sign on the top. You make sure that you have games that have higher maximum. Higher maximums. Higher minimums. Average… The $5 machines. The $10 machines go in there. You might have… Your better dealers in there. Your better cocktail servers. You might have a little cage, a little bar. That’s it though. No one’s really… It’s not that kind of surrounding experience. What we’ve done. And I can take you around a little bit later. Is rethought. One, the space itself. Making decisions about opulence. Making it a place that just the minute you walk in you’re like, “Wow. I’m in somewhere. I’m in a different casino that still feels the same. But it’s definitely elevated.” And then what we’ve done on top of that is we’ve stacked gaming positions. 50, 60 slot machines. 8 tables. BJ and Baccarat. Well, we have posted limits. e’re the home of the… Where Mattress Mack made his $6.5 million bets on the Astros last year during the World Series. We don’t shy away. We don’t sweat the money like other casinos do. I always find it funny that here’s this smaller casino in Mississippi. Everybody shying away from taking Mack their initial $3.5 million bet on the World Series. We raised our hand immediately. Said we’ll take it. We have an ownership that knows that gaming is about taking the bets. Everybody wants to have those big high rollers come in. But no one wants to take the risk. And we’re willing to take the risk any day. Bring it on. We’re gamblers here too. So as we think about the gaming experience. That’s it from the gaming side. But we thought about… What is it? And of course if we staff it with the best people. We had an extremely stringent audition process. We made sure that everybody realized the expectations we have for this room and the people inside it. So we created a hundred eleven more positions. Dedicated positions. Because when you go to a high-gaming space. When you go to your favorite restaurant or bar. It’s your favorite restaurant or bar. Because you know the waiter. The waiter knows you. Bartender knows you. Maître D’ knows you. They know where you like to sit. They know what you like to eat. And if the only way to do that is to have consistency in their staff. We’re not rotating. It’s not like, “Okay. You’re in Zone 7 which happens to be high-limits today.” No. You are either in the high-limits or you are not. So that’s what we do with the people. And then in terms of services and amenities, we know that our gamers want to feel comfortable. So as I take you through, we redesign the entire slot experience. We created personalized gaming pods, televisions, chargers, pull-out trays. It’s like being in a first-class cabin on the slot floor. That’s really what we’ve created. And with that lumbar supports on the seats. They’re adjustable. We have services and amenities. We have a special menu just for our highest-level guests that’s catered specifically curated for them. Little snacks and bites. Specialty cocktails for them. And of course, all our high-level players have a reserve of their own favorites. Whether it’s cigarettes, cigars, alcohol, juices… You name it. We keep it just for them back here. And then on top of that. I know there’s a lot of stuff going on. We really thought about everything. It’s everything from hot warm towels like… For those who… You know what I mean? Like when you go to a restaurant, they give you that towel like in a Japanese restaurant and you’re all refreshed. And I’m like, “Yes. I’m ready to eat. And it’s kind of…” We do that here. When you sit down to a slot machine, you’re getting a warm hot towel. If your feet are hurting. You’ve been playing for a while. High-level guess. We have ballet slippers for you. For the ladies. Or the men. Anybody can wear ballet slippers if they want. If they have uncomfortable things. If you get cold, because everybody complains about being cold. We have shawls. Cashmere shawls for the women. We clean them after every time. And during this whole thing, we’re thinking with the guests in mind. It’s guests first here. Not gaming first.

(8:27-8:29) CS: I love that.

(8:29-8:31) BK: Sorry, It took longer. I apologize.

(8:31-9:00) CS: No. That’s perfect. And I think it speaks to how you guys are able to punch above your weight as the saying goes. Because you got… Your in a very competitive market. The Gulf Coast has lots of casinos. And lots of… Casinos are attached to a national brand. They have a… Has a national loyalty program where they can attract players from out-of-market easily. And yet in spite of all that competition, you guys are high up in the region. Didn’t you tell me that you guys…

(9:00-10:26) BK: We did pretty well. I’m not gonna… No one posts officially their numbers. But I would say that we are definitely not at the bottom. We have some big… There’s some big competitors of this market. We do have a high standard. Some established competitors too. And I think that’s where it’s hard. Sometimes there’s a smaller casino that doesn’t have maybe
as many rooms or as many gaming positions. You got to differentiate. We don’t have the… We’re a privately-owned casino which is a lot of positives. We’re able to make decisions that aren’t necessarily based on a bunch of bean counters in Vegas. We can go with our heart, our owners, our gamers. So they know what they like. They know what drives them nuts. They can’t stand it when they see people being nickel and dime for comps and free play and making decisions on a dollar. Because it’s a… Don’t trip over nickels in the way to getting dollars. And that’s really… My General Manager in building this is a marketer. Kept on telling me, “Stop being so damn cheap.” It’s a wonderful thing to have that trust from a General Manager. And not only for me, for the property, and her employees. But knowing that she knows that her dollars. She’s going to generate more people coming in and have more satisfaction and return trips. Because we are willing to invest in creating that experience.

(10:26-10:49) CS: I love hearing that. And you’re so right that… It seems like all the great casino brands and companies were built by founders that had that mindset. You think that The Binions, The Steve Wynns, The Bill Harrahs that were just investing. They weren’t penny… Counting pennies. They’re investing in making the best experience possible. And that’s just really inspiring to hear that you guys have that mindset.

(10:49-11:54) BK: I think it’s a new breed of owners that are coming in. The Granero family that owns us. They’re wonderful people. And they walk the floor. And if I was that kind of put him in a category. It’s a category like Derek Stevens does in Vegas where… You see them on. I travel too Vegas quite a bit as I’m there and have a house there and live there actually. And come back and forth. And it’s wonderful seeing how much he cares about the property. And our owners care so much about this property. They want to be here on a regular basis. They have a home here. And they’re constantly on the floor. I think what’s important is that we have a staff and an executive team. It is on the floor. When we open this tonight. We’re opening this orchid room this evening. The entire executive team will be on-hand throughout the entire evening. They’re gonna be here through an entire weekend as we work out the kinks. Because this was a collaborative project. And when you have leadership that is on the floor, that’s one of the most important things of all. Everybody here is an operator. Not sitting in some pedestal somewhere away. They get in the thick of things.

(11:54-12:20) CS: Now you mentioned the new room opening up. You also mentioned Las Vegas. Now a lot of people around the country they think of Vegas gaming which is pretty much anything goes. And then maybe their local tribal casino where I’m based in Dallas, Oklahoma. There is craps now. But a lot, they don’t get free drinks while they’re playing. In other regions, they don’t have craps. So what is Mississippi gaming like maybe compared to Las Vegas?

(12:20-13:25) BK: I would tell you that it’s almost identical. I think the only differences is that we don’t have like 40 casinos in a compact area of 3 square miles. And you might have to… You can’t necessarily walk next door to a casino in most cases. But it’s a very short drive. It’s either up… If you’re going far it might be a $5 or $10 Uber or Lyft. But in terms of gaming, cocktails are complementary. We don’t have to pay for cocktails at any of the casinos on the coast. Unless you want of course elevator. Or you’re at a bar. But for the players, it’s a gaming market. And that’s what we’re looking for. And there is a ton of opportunity in terms of game choice. Every vendor for the most part is in this market. Every table game that you would want to play is in this market. There might be some places, because of demand. You don’t have some of the more of obscure titles. I don’t believe like anybody has war here. If you want to play that. But if you’re a Blackjack player, Craps, Bac you’ll find what you want here.

(13:25-13:47) CS: So gaming… Sounds like you’ve got pretty much everything. Somebody will be looking for amenities. Some that look at your website. Looks like you guys have a lot of cool stuff going on. The things that you do have that people would expect are top-notch. I can see from the background. I know we’re going to do a tour. It’s an opulent, luxurious building. But do you have things like mini-golf? You’ve gotta…

(13:47-14:52) BK: We do have probably one of the most challenging 3 6-hole mini golf courses in the country. I’m excited to promote more and more. We have a 300-room hotels. Premium suites. We have 60 suites in there. Beautiful views. That’s one of the greatest things about being on the coast. We have these magnificent views of the back bay, the gulf. And what’s nice is… I wouldn’t want to say. And I hate giving a tip off to everybody else. But every casino has these wonderful views. That’s what’s great about this market. Wonderful views. The food. And I say it’s not just about the casinos because I love our… We have a great Asian space. We have a great steak house. We have a wonderful, more contemporary casual dining experience. Now the orchid room… But what the market has is we just have some of the best cooking. It’s southern cooking. But it’s also influenced by New Orleans. Because New Orleans is only 90 minutes away. You have this kind of southern influence. You have this New Orleans influence. It really is spectacular. People like to eat in this market.

(14:52-15:19) CS: We’re filming this in early September. And we’re actually going to film it a little over a week ago. But hurricane Laura… At the time it looked like it could have been… That’s a surprise we have hurricane. Yeah. It looked like hurricane Laura was just going to be devastating and… But thank God it turned out to not be as bad as we feared. Maybe you could speak a little more to that. What was the effect of hurricane Laura?

(15:19-16:49) BK: When it comes down hurricanes in the Gulf Coast region. Because I’ve worked in Lake Charles as well. Which is right outside Houston where the hurricane came through. One, we build our hurricanes. We prepare for hurricanes. It was interesting during the closures of the pandemic for me that so many people in Vegas had never closed the casino before. And in the south… If you’ve ever worked in gaming in the south, there’s at least one hurricane a year. Where you have to shut down all the tables. Because you don’t know what’s going to happen. And it’s for the safety of all employees and guests. It’s something that’s not a Vegas phenomenon closing down a casino. In the south… Actually pretty much everywhere in the region, I’ve closed gaming floors for tornadoes, for floods, for blizzards… This was my first pandemic this year and hurricanes. But everybody’s prepared. And honestly, the casinos are some of the safest places. Our casino is specifically built even higher than a flood lane. We built it 15, 20 feet higher. So even if we did have a hurricane and we did get flooded. We would run the back bay. So we have less of an issue with that. We’d still be fine. The hotel would be fine. All our guests will be fine. In fact, I would argue that one of the safest place on the coast is actually our casino. And it’s supposed to all our casinos. It’s a way of life down here. And you prepare for it. And you get ready. It does rain here. That is one big difference between here and Vegas. And some other markets. You can have a lot of rain in Mississippi and on the Gulf Coast.

(16:49-16:57) CS: What is weather… I know it’s going to be humid in the south. But what is weather like in summer? And what’s the weather like heading into fall?

(16:57-17:47) BK: I feel like its a very temperate climate. And I guess it’s all of what you’re used to. If you don’t mind the Vegas summers, you’ll think it’s lovely. You’ll think it’s like, “Oh there’s a little bit of humidity out. A nice breeze coming on.” So it really comes out other people if they com in from the south. If you’re coming from Chicago in the summer and you come down the Mississippi, it’s actually nicer down here. Because you actually have a Gulf Coast breeze as opposed to for the mid west. East coast very similar. That’s where I think there’s a little misnomer that the south is like hot and muggy and humid. And it can get like that. But I don’t feel it anymore than anywhere else. And then during the summer, we don’t get… During the winter we don’t get snow. Snow is one of those things that might happen and might come down. But it doesn’t stick. So if you’re looking for a more modest… Getting away from the blizzard. Biloxi is a great market to come to in the D’Iberville, in the whole Gulf Coast.

(17:47-17:53) CS: Well, why don’t we… If it’s convenient for you, why don’t we do a little tour and check out the amenities.

(17:53-19:53) BK: Actually start with the entrance. Entryway. Right here is the entrance to the orchid room and the elevated gaming in it. That’s why we didn’t want to put high-limits on it. Because it’s not high- limits. It’s an elevated gaming space. But what you’re looking at, these podiums right here. I’ll come closer. These are backlit onyx. It’s vanilla onyx from Greece. That’s like 2 centimeters thick. And we have light behind it. So it gives us beautiful glow right from the entryway as we’re coming through. And the entire room is themed with the orchid. Orchid, just delicate, beautiful flower. But it denotes luxury, beauty, and strength. So we’re very proud of that. As you come up here. We’re coming up into the high-limits tables area. And you’ll see throughout this beautiful brass work. We think brass is something that a lot of casinos have gotten away with. I think they got away with it in the 80’s and 90’s. And no one’s really done it. We brought this beautiful ornamentation here. We have this wonderful laid up pit. Very lovely. You see this beautiful ribbon chandelier up at the top as we’re going through. We have dedicated physicians. We have USB chargers at every station for all our guests. Because they want to recharge their phones. That’s the worst thing to do when you hit that jackpot. Or you hit that… You want to be able to call someone. The worst thing to have is a phone that… You can’t take a picture of your Royal Flush. Going through. We have our own page and player services area right there. And I apologize. I’m taking you on this side. But this is like one of the highlights. I actually think of our room. So let me make sure… These are our bathrooms. And we have our ladies. And we have our we have our men’s. I’m gonna knock just in case someone forgot to lock. Perfect. And I’m going to bring it inside. So what we’ve really created.

(19:53-19:56) CS: Wow. This is magnificent.

(19:56-20:20) BK: Yeah. This is a magnificent place. We did nothing cheap. And we put in Toto Toilets. Automatic Raising. Fully functional. It’s actually the Rolls Royce of toilets. So as I come back through let me take you into our slot area.

(20:20-20:23) CS: That was my first ever tour of a high-limit bathroom.

(20:23-22:23) BK: So what you’re looking at right now is our slot area. So some things that kind of point out from here is we have these beautiful orchid petal inspired chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. You can see this carpet was from Britain’s Carpet of London. So it was hand pieced and designed specifically for the room specifications. We made sure that we weren’t hiding any of these orchids. But this is made specifically for us for this room. And they usually do palaces and luxury hotels. And now we’ve got our own little palace and luxury hotel right here. So as we go down this ramp and you’ll see these beautiful purple drapes. We used a lot of velvet through the room. So you’ll see these beautiful drapes that we have. And I’ll give you kind of a look. You can see we made it all about textures. You really want to touch every piece of everything in this room. You want to touch the brass. You want to touch the carpet. It’s so plush. I would sleep on this carpet. I’ll get to the wallpaper in a second because it’s amazing. But even our end caps… Even the ends are brass and velvet. As you can see with alabaster directs at the bottom. Let me take you into a… I’ll take it… I’m sure many of your people who watch like lightning cash and lightning link. So I’ll bring you to this station right here. We’re at one of our gaming pots as I kind of described it. And as you can see, we have a TV on each. So everybody… We have a TV full of cable, sports. We made sure with all the sports channels are there for… We made sure we have like I believe 40 channels of music. So we realize that if you want to watch your favorite game, you might not be able to want to… You can place your bet. You can come to a slot machine and play. As mentioned… Let me pull this out. Every station has 2… It has a USB port for recharging your phone down here. And then also in… And wireless charging pad at every station.

(22:23-22:24) CS: Wow.

(22:24-22:42) BK: As I mentioned, we have a special menu for some… So we have a pull-out tray. Actually, these were designed for us by KGM of… Actually, let me put this on the ground. This is designed for us by KGM of New Jersey. They do a lot of… These, I just got… Triggered a bonus apparently.

(22:42-22:43) CS: Nice.

(22:43-23:09) BK: We created compartment… One of the complaints that we sometimes get is that women don’t like having their purses on another seat or on the sides. So we created a little cabinet just for purses or our guests. And we also have a pull-out tray containing sanitation. Wipes it matches specifically all orchid room along with the remote control.

(23:09-23:11) CS: How cool.

(23:11– 24:29) BK: Because we really think about this. This is what I mean when we’re thinking about, “What does a player want? What does the player need?” Because if you ask the player… Everybody would tell you that it’s such a weird question. Because everybody is so used to what they’re doing. So we try to make the experience as good as possible. Again the seats are so beautiful. Lumbar support as well as adjustable up and down. So that’s always the worst feeling in the world is when you’re on a seat for a game and it’s not the right height. Not a problem here. So as we go through… And this is what I want to… I gotta just do this. So we have this beautiful wallpaper. And this is… If you’ll ask me what my favorite part about this room is besides… Everything’s in this room is amazing. It’s this wallpaper. You can’t stop touching it. It’s just Vector Velveteen. I could drape myself in this. We make so many seinfeld jokes here about draping yourself in velvet. We had all these dignitaries in yesterday to see the room. And you saw all these government officials, regulators, business people in society. They’re all touching the walls. It’s such an amazing feeling. And that’s kind of what we’ve done here. Well, we’ve created a unique space that is enjoyable to play in. And why wouldn’t you want to stay in here?

(24:29-24:32) CS: It’s absolutely gorgeous.

(24:32-24:34) BK: And… Well, you should see it yourself soon.

(24:34-24:43) CS: I would love to. I’m definitely planning on it. And also when we started the interview I saw the “OR” on your face mask.

(24:43-25:14) BK: Yeah. You can also see the purple time. Actually, that’s something all are… We were all in uniform. We’ve actually done that as well. We had a local clothing company, actually. Design our cocktail-server uniforms. We have a men’s wear… Local men’s wear business that provides all the ties and pocket squares. There’s a very… We want to make sure everybody matches the room. So shades of lipstick, shades of nail polish. All are part of our policies.

(25:14-25:29) CS: That is incredible. I love it. And you alluded to it earlier how you guys had to really not just ask people what they want what you did. But you guys got truly creative. And it reminds me of the Henry Ford quote, “if I asked people what they wanted they would have said a faster horse.”

(25:29-27:04) BK: Faster horse. Yeah. There’s a lot of design… It’s funny because we had a couple of our friends, friendly competitors in the business come see the room as well. Because we are really a tight-knit community here in the South. For us it’s not like cut-throat businesses. The people from casinos do hang-out with each other. You can’t help it. It’s both a wonderful big tourist town and a small town at the same time. It was funny because you’ll see in here a lot of white. We have a white carpet in a casino. And that… Exactly. Something you don’t see. But we… And the question is “Why not?” If you believe you can keep it clean… Like that’s what when… And people are talking about it, We have surfaces that are harder than… We’re making decisions… You saw the bathrooms. Why do you need to have an $8,000 toilet? In the bathroom… It’s because well… We’re also going to see an $8,000 toilet except the best high-limit room in the country. So those are the kind of decisions that they don’t make financial sense. But they do make financial sense. Because you’re creating an environment. You’re creating a… We want people to walk away loving this. And just because there’s traditional operating ways of running a high-limit room. We feel as this property has when we
opened-up. When no one thought we… in succeeding when we did. Opening-up the sports book that took largest bet in the country. One year into being into existence. And now with this we feel that we’re changing. We’re shifting the paradigm. It’s such a terribly overused phrase. But we really are thinking the gaming experience from a different standpoint. And we believe our customers are going to love it.

(27:04-27:31) CS: Well, it is so refreshing to hear because there’s so much news and a lot of markets about that are just getting crushed. Where they’re having… Think about how to… Where they can cut and cut and cut… And you guys are being creative and pushing boundaries and flourishing. So it’s refreshing to hear it. And I know I really want to come visit. I know we’re excited to launch an offer on URComped. So a lot of URComped customers can come experience Scarlet Pearl.

(27:31-28:08) BK: Well, we’re excited for that too. We’re excited for people to… It’s called “The Secret Host” for a reason. Most people don’t know that. But it’s great. Every time someone I know comes from Las Vegas or Atlantic City where they’re used to going to those properties and they come here, they make the next trip here. There was a survey done by one of our competitors with Vegas kind of not being there where everybody wanted to go. They wanted to come to a beach. They wanted to come somewhere sunny. And this is where they started directing offers. Somewhere that they didn’t… They have a jewel here. And everybody knows whose from here. And everybody knows who comes here. And we’re excited to share that with the country.

(28:08-28:14) CS: Now for practical purposes people flying in from out of the region. What airport are they going to?

(28:14-29:05) BK: Okay. So if you’re flying in from out of the region, there are 4 main airports. There are direct flights that do happen on Sun country and Alligent. But you can also… I believe Alligent. Apologies if I’m wrong on that one. But the direct hubs that come in here. American, United and Delta all fly Delta through Atlanta. American through Charlotte and Dallas. And United through Houston. And there are sorted other routes that also take place. I believe Nashville is coming on-line this year. Later this year. But in terms of also that… We’re off the Interstate 10. We’re not off the… We’re far enough off the highway. Were only a couple miles. All of us. It’s a I believe it maybe three miles total from Interstate 10 to get to a casino on Mississippi’s Gulf Coast.
So if you have access to the interstate system. We’re not that at far away.

(29:05-29:30) CS: Well Ben this has been an inspiring interview. I cannot wait to get out there. And I appreciate you delaying so we can we can do this in the new high-limit room. Because as much as you describe how beautiful it is. Actually seeing it It’s mind-blowing. So I can’t wait to see it. I know a lot of people are going to be excited after watching this to come visit. Is there anything I forgot to ask you want to talk about?

(29:30-29:34) BK: I think we covered a lot today. We covered a lot.

(29:34-29:39) CS: Well again thank you for my first ever high-limit toilet. High-limit bathroom tour.

(29:39-29:44) BK: I’m glad to introduce you to the the Toto. You’re gonna want one. Everybody who has one loves it.

(29:44-29:58) CS: I cannot wait to go and rub the carpet. Rub the walls. Hopefully, security won’t throw me out of there. Yeah. Just rolling around. But Ben thank you so much. Ben Koff, VP of Marketing at Scarlet Pearl. Thank you again for your time Ben.

(29:58-30:06) BK: Thank you very much. And thank you to all your URComped members.



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