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Casino Cruise News! 5/31/2024

5/30/2024 – Royal Caribbean has upgraded its Loyalty Status Match program to offer one-for-one tier matching across its group brands: Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises, and

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Cruise Line Status Matching- Seas the Opportunity!

For those who haven’t heard: Status matching is a program in which a cruise line offers perks, benefits, or loyalty status to travelers who hold

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Casino Cruise News! 11/17/2023

11/16/2023 – The Celebrity brand has announced its brand new ‘Celebrity Pass,’ which they state ‘unlocks a new level of VIP treatment, including premium amenities

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Casino Cruise News! 10/27/2023

10/26/2023 – Celebrity Cruise Line has announced a new perk for Elite, Elite Plus, and Zenith members of the Captain’s Club, which is Celebrity’s loyalty