A “power press” in craps is a betting strategy where you add additional funds to your bets after a win to increase your potential winnings. Steve Haltom explains how it works with examples:

For the six or eight: If the point is eight, and you have an $18 bet on it that pays $21, you add $3 on top of the $21 to make it a $42 bet. If it hits again, you can collect and press your bet further. This process continues, adding zeros to your power press bet each time you win, gradually increasing the bet size.

For the four or ten: Let’s say you have a $15 bet on the ten that hits and pays $27. You can buy the bet for $25, leaving a $1 commission, and you’ll get paid $16. From here, you can continue pressing the bet whenever it hits, increasing the size with each win. The commission is typically collected for every $20 of buy bet you make.

The key to a power press is to lock up profits while increasing the size of your bets after each win. This strategy allows you to maximize your potential winnings in craps.


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