Youtube Slot Channels consist of exciting casino jackpots and incredible personalities behind the camera. We’ve been keeping our eyes peeled for growing Slot Channel Stars with contagious energy to showcase. One of the first channels that caught our attention was EZ Life Slot Jackpots!

Comped Travel’s Elise Fitzsimmons interviews Joe, the man behind EZ Life Slot Jackpots, to learn more about how he got started, his favorite slot games, and what is next for the EZ Life Slot Channel. Be sure to check out his videos!

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(0:00-0:24) Elise Fitzsimmons: Hi everyone. My name is Elise. I’m here with Comped Travel. And we’re chatting today with Joseph of EZ Life Slot. And we’re just so excited to have him here. His channel is super entertaining. If you haven’t had a moment to check them out be one of the over 10 million viewers who have seen you before.

(0:24:0:25) EZ Life Slot Jackpots: Yup.

(0:25-0:47) EF: Doing the ranks. And watch his videos. They’re super great. There’s some incredible dancing drum jackpots that are just out of this world. Thank you so much for joining us today, Joseph. And I wanted to just jump right in and get to know you a little bit better. How did you get started with EZ Life Slots?

(0:47-1:12) EZ: I used to watch slot videos on YouTube all the time. Probably for about two years before I started on my channel. And I was like, “This seems like fun. And I have some pretty good wins. And I have a good time at the casino. So I want to do this.” So that’s how I got started.

(1:12-1:16) EF: And when did your channel start? How long have you been on YouTube?

(1:16-1:24) EZ: Almost 3 years. This March will be 3 years.

(1:24-1:39) EF: That’s incredible. Over 10 million views and under 3 years. That’s some explosive growth. Congratulations. That’s great. So in those 3 years, can you share with us, one of your favorite jackpot stories?

(1:39-2:29) EZ: There’s so many. I remember there was a live stream where I hit a crazy jackpot on Wonder 4 Buffalo. And I got paid for that jackpot. And then right after it, I went to Prowling Panther. It was my first time ever playing it. And I hit an insane jackpot on Prowling Panther, was a 2.50 bet and I hit $4,000.
And then after that, I went to another game Gold Pays. Which I used to say, “Gold Pays is garbage. This game is garbage.” And I got a bonus. And it was like a $2,000 jackpot. So I was on a hot streak that night. And it was all caught live.

(2:29-2:40) EF: That was incredible. It sounds like these games are just really kind to you. But do you have one in particular that really stands out or is your go-to or your favorite?

(2:40-2:55) EZ: There’s always like a flavor of the week. But right now what I have playing is my favorite which is Dancing Drums Explosion. That’s been my newest addiction.

(2:55-3:05) EF: So great. Okay. And so I’m sure many fans in the audience would love to know. Is there a strategy that you follow? Or is there any information that you can share with watchers at home?

(3:05-3:25) EZ: There’s no strategy. Don’t ever believe anyone that tells you that there’s a strategy. You hit the button and whatever is going to happen, is going to happen. The more you bet, the more likely or to hit a jackpot or hit a bigger win. But besides that, there’s no strategy.

(3:25-3:29) EF: You heard it here first. No strategy.

(3:29-3:30) EZ: It’s all luck.

(3:30-3:41) EF: Just play. Lady Luck is what it is. Like I said, you just had incredible growth. So what’s next for the EZ Life Slot Channel?

(3:41-4:15) EZ: I’m a few subscribers away from hitting 25,000 subscribers. Thank you. I have something special planned for 25,000 subscribers. It’s never been done before. I can’t tell you what it is. Because it’s a secret. Because someone else will steal it from me if I put it out there in the universe. But that’s what’s new and exciting. I have something special planned for 25,000 subscribers.

(4:15-4:24) EF: Congratulations. That’s so exciting. We’re counting down with you. How can people find your videos or find out more about your channel?

(4:24-4:47) EZ: You could find me on YouTube. You could just search EZ Life Slots. Even though my channel name is EZ Life Slot Jackpots. You could search EZ Life Slots, EZ Life Slot and I will come up on YouTube. I’m also on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, all that stuff.

(4:47-4:56) EF: You name it. He’s there. Joseph, thank you so much for chatting with me today and for taking the time. We’re super excited to have you on our Channel. And thanks again.

(4:56-5:02) EZ: Thank you. I appreciate it.




  • Karen, October 30, 2020 @ 8:55 am Reply

    He is the best slot channel hands down and he is real! I love his slot videos , you should all subscribe !

  • Felicia, October 30, 2020 @ 10:33 am Reply

    Joe is as real as you can get and that’s what I love about him He’s like family and treats all of us his subscribers and patrons like family not like all the other slot channels that are out for a buck

  • Beverly Sutphin, October 30, 2020 @ 11:22 am Reply

    EZ (Joe) not only has wonderful slot videos, but also keeps it real and the tea flowing for the slot community. All in facts and fun. Those with a sense of humor should defiantly subscribe.

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