The slot machine’s bells and whistles echo an exciting buzz through the casino when a massive jackpot is hit and we can’t get enough of it! Some would think that this buzz doesn’t leave the vibrant casino building, but you can actually get a taste of it by watching Youtube Slot Channels! Comped Travel has been on the hunt for Slot Channel personalities that are providing jackpot entertainment for those at home to divulge. One of our favorite channels, that captured our interest, was NorCal Slot Guy!

Comped Travel’s Elise Fitzsimmons interviews Jay, the creator and personality behind NorCal Slot Guy, to learn more about how he got started, his favorite slot games, and what is next for the NorCal Slot Guy Channel. Be sure to check out his videos!

Full Transcript Below:

(0:00-0:17) Elise Fitzsimmons: Hi everyone. This is Elise Comped Travel. And I’m here with Jay who is NorCal Slot Guy. We’re super, super excited to have you here. Thank you so much.

(0:17-0:20) Jay NorCal: It’s a pleasure.

(0:20-0:31) EF: So your videos are so much fun. And there’s such a pleasure to watch. And I think one of the really fun and unique things about it is that this is a family affair. Can you tell me a little bit more about that?

(0:31-1:33) JNC: So I started my channel without any ideas to do besides bill my jackpot wins. I didn’t want to show my face. I didn’t want to say my voice. I wanted to be like totally secretive behind-the-scenes. And I even told my mom at first. And I eventually told her. And she being the great mom she is. She was like, “Next time I go to the casino I’m going to start filming my wins.” And that’s how it started. She started talking in the videos. And she would leave me messages and say, “Hey Jay. Make sure you put this on the recording.” And I would have to edit it out because I didn’t want people to know my name. I didn’t want people to hear her voice at first. But after a while she convinced me to show my face and make it more of a me and mom channel. And that’s how it started. She’s a big part of my channel. And I’m really glad she jumped on with me.

(1:33-1:43) EF: That’s so much fun. I’m so glad that she gave you that little push that you needed. Because you’re so delightful in front of the camera. So it’s really great that you got over that.

(1:43-1:45) JNC: Thank you so much.

(1:45-1:54) EF: So you have so many really incredible jackpots that come through. What is your favorite jackpot that you can remember?

(1:54-3:08) JNC: That’s a hard question to answer. A lot of people would probably say it’s my 13k Buffalo Gold win. That’s my biggest win on Buffalo Gold. It’s still my most viewed video on my channel. It’s almost at a million views. And I’m really excited that it will get there soon. Hopefully, we’ll see. But I would have to say my most favorite win would have to be my grand jackpot on Dragon Link that I hit last November. My mom was there for it. I never thought I could fill the screen with all those gold balls. And it was like at a really down point of November for me last year. I was like down to my last money. And it was really tough. That’s a gambler life sometimes. But I hit it. And I was just in shock. I couldn’t say anything. I was just speechless. And right away I was texting my mom like please come over here. I have a big win. We need to go to the bank right now and get out of here. Like that’s my most memorable win. For sure.

(3:08-3:18) EF: That’s such an incredible, incredible story. So then is that your favorite slot game? What do you gravitate towards? What’s your favorite game?

(3:18-4:05) JNC: My favorite slot game is by far Buffalo Gold. That’s my biggest win ever. And also that’s my most win, most jackpots on any machine ever. I’ve done it on 360 bet, 6-dollar bet and as well a dollar 80. And it’s just the excitement of trying to collect 15 gold buffalos. 15 gold buffalo heads. Trying to get those coins to re-trigger in the bonus. It’s just such a fun game. It’s not as volatile as my other favorite games like dancing drums or Cleopatra 2 which is so difficult to try to like get a big, big, big win. By far Buffalo Gold is my jam.

(4:05-4:11) EF: So when you’re playing Buffalo Gold clearly you have a ton of success with that. Do you have a strategy with when you play?

(4:11-5:05) JNC: So my strategy for any slot machine, especially Buffalo Gold, if there’s a row of them I play first or last. So I play the ends. I always play the ends. And at my local casino, I stick to the ones that pay me. So I’ve tried all the different Buffalo Gold machines and I know which ones like me. So I stick to those. And I put 40 in, see how it goes. If I don’t get a bonus, I will move on to my other favorite Buffalo Gold machine. But also I try to watch if other people playing it are getting bonuses. And if they’re not, I probably won’t play that one or I’ll revisit it like an hour later to see how my other gamblers are doing. I try to play the ones on the ends. And I try to play the ones that like me, historically.

(5:05-5:11) EF: It sounds like historically every single one of them likes you. So really you’re up all the way around.

(5:11-5:20) JNC: There’s only one bank of six that I’ve actually hit every single one except for one. So I’m waiting to get that last one. So we’ll see.

(5:20-5:24) EF: Challenge accepted. We’ll wait for that video to come out. That sounds like a great time.

(5:24-5:28) JNC: I think that’s a sign that I go to the casino way too much.

(5:28-5:32) EF: I don’t know about that. It sounds like you just like to have a lot of fun and we’re here for it.

(5:32-5:37) JNC: I like to see it that way.

(5:37-5:48) EF: So I know that you go to your local casino pretty frequently. Do you have a host there? And if so, what makes your host super special? Like what do you like about your host?

(5:48-6:48) JNC: So I go to Graton Casino. It’s in Rohnert Park, California. That’s my place where I go all the time. And I do have a host his name is Cesar. And the cool thing about it is like I guess they have a way of tracking when you’re at the casino. Because he’ll text me directly and tell me, “Hey. I see you’re at the casino. Can I give you a comp for food right now? Is your mom with you? Let her know I say hi.” Head back asking for a voucher. He’ll actually come and deliver it to me. He’ll come to my machine and give it to me. And ask how I’m doing. And that personal connection means a lot. Just because I don’t feel like I’m the most big player at the casino by far. I’m an average gambler. And just the fact that he puts a little bit of attention to me. He remembers my Mom. It’s just like icing on the cake. Like he doesn’t have to go out of his way to do that. And he’s always checking up on me. So that’s why I love him a lot. That’s so sweet.

(6:48-7:01) EF: Well, shout out to Cesar. Alright. Clearly. There’s been a lot of growth and you have so many videos coming up. What’s next for the NorCal Slot Channel?

(7:01-8:20) JNC: What’s next? So even though in 2020 we hit COVID. It’s been like boost in my subscribership ever since I dropped that 13k video. That’s the first time I had like a lot of growth, maybe like two thousand subscribers. And now since the beginning of the year, I’ve grown like twenty-five hundred in just 11 months. And it’s crazy because I only post one video a week. I’m not like other channels that post every single day consistently. I’ll post on Thursdays at 4:30. And some Thursdays I miss. And this year has just been really lucky. I’m really grateful for going to the casino this year. Because we’re in COVID and I’ve won the most jackpots I’ve ever done in a year this year. So I actually did beat my 13k video. So I have my biggest jackpot ever will be coming out. But I’m waiting till I hit a certain milestone in my subscribership before I let that one out. Just because it’s really special video that I don’t think anyone else has captured. So I’m going to drop that one as soon as I hit a certain number.

(8:20-8:31) EF: Well, that’s super exciting. And I guess we can all say that go follow your channel so that they can like and subscribe to get that video. And how do people find you? Where can they find you?

(8:31-8:55) JNC: You can find me on YouTube NorCal Slot Guy. I’m also on Instagram, same handle. As well as Tiktok. I joined the bandwagon in COVID and got bored and joined Tiktok. And now I have content on there. Those are like the three easiest ways to find me, NorCal Slot Guy. All three spots: YouTube, Instagram, and Tiktok.

(8:55-9:07) EF: Perfect. Well, it was a delight speaking with you. I’m so glad that I got to know you and introduce you to all of our followers as well. Everybody make sure to like and subscribe. We’re super excited about it. And it was lovely to meet you.

(9:07-9:22) JNC: Thank you so much, Elise. I appreciate you guys. I’ve been following you guys ever since Brian Christopher mentioned you guys. And I know that was like three or four years ago. And I just feel honored that you guys would consider me for your special. So thank you so much.

(9:22-9:29) EF: Well, you’re a pleasure and a complete delight. Thank you so much.



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