Youtube Slot Channels are growing more and more with bigger jackpots, bigger bets, and bigger personalities. Comped Travel has been searching for up and coming Slot Channel stars to feature, and SlotLady was a no brainer.

Comped Travel’s Elise Fitzsimmons interviews Sarah, the SlotLady herself, to learn more about how her channel was created, her most memorable jackpot, favorite casinos, and what is next for the SlotLady channel. Be sure to check out her videos!

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(0:00-0:25) Elise Fitzsimmons: Hi everybody, it’s Elise. I’m a publisher here at Comped Travel. And I’m here with Sarah the Slotlady. We’re super excited to have her. We can’t wait to get to know her a little bit better. She is just a powerhouse in the slot video world. And so lucky to have her. Welcome.

(0:25-0:27) Sarah SlotLady: Thank you. Thank you for having me.

(0:27-0:32) EF: Yeah, of course. So let’s jump right into it. How did you get started with your YouTube Channel?

(0:32-1:01) SSL: I get this question a lot. And there’s not really anything super exciting other than… I always watch YouTube like most people. And then I discovered the slot community. And it wasn’t really… Until I discovered that. I was like, “Hey. I totally want to be a part of this. Maybe I could make my own videos.” And that was about 3 years ago now. Just haven’t stopped since then. It’s been good.

(1:01-1:07) EF: That’s incredible And your growth has just been explosive as well. To see that is really great.

(1:07-1:09) SSL: Thank you.

(1:09-1:19) EF: So then can you share with us what is a… Do you have a favorite jackpot story like a totally unexpected time or just your favorite jackpot?

(1:19-2:09) SSL: I think all jackpots are unexpected. Because, generally, you’re not really expecting to get them. Or maybe some people do. I don’t know. Probably one of the most unexpected ones was… I had a really epic win on Buffalo Gold. If you’re familiar with Buffalo Gold like you collect the kind of gold buffalo heads. And I hadn’t actually collected that many and I ended up winning. I’d have to re-watch the video to remember exactly how much. But it was over $5,000 on a $480 bet. I was well over a 1000x. I only collected up until cougars or something. And I just got two big hits in a row. It was pretty good.

(2:09-2:22) EF: So exciting. Just makes your heart race. One of the things that’s really cool about your videos too is that you explain what’s going on, so for people who are newer to Slots or that Slot Machine, it’s really great content.

(2:22-2:52) SSL: Thank you. I do my best. I think of myself as a guinea pig. I’m trying out the slot first. So you don’t have to spend your money. I do my best. I wouldn’t say I’m like super… I don’t always read the game rules or anything. But I just approach it as though I’m your every day Jane playing a slot. Seeing how it works. See how fun it is.

(2:52-2:56) EF: Do you have a favorite game out there?

(2:56-3:15) SSL: It changes depending on what’s winning and what’s not. But yeah. I generally like the Buffalo Games. I like the popular ones. I like the themed slots too. I know some people don’t like those. But I think they’re fun. I like The Wonka Games. I like The Flintstones. Those ones are fun.

(3:15-3:22) EF: Right. Okay. Everyone wants to know. Do you have a strategy when you’re playing?

(3:22-4:11) SSL: Other than only gamble what you can afford to lose. Not really. When you’re creating content, your budgeting and everything will be completely different than if you’re just playing recreationally. But again the same rule applies. Yeah. I’ll try new games that wouldn’t have tried before or anything like that. But I generally start with what I’m willing to spend in that game. And then just play it out from there. In terms of strategy, not really. I usually keep my bets more consistent than some people. Some people like to move around. I’m usually pretty consistent with my bet on slots.

(4:11-4:43) EF: So I saw that you were posting videos every day at 7:00 PM That is great. Such an incredible feat. It sounds like you’re in the casino fairly frequently. Do you have hosts when you’re at the casino?

(4:43-4:56) SSL: Yeah. So I usually do my bookings and everything with the hosts. Just like any other player would. I actually am not in the casino as often as people think. Because I live in Canada. And actually, my local casinos don’t allow filming. So I actually travel to film. I film in bulk over like a period of a week or two. And then I come back and edit it all and everything like that. I’m probably in the casino more than a lot of people.

(4:56-5:05) EF: Sure. So when you’re with hosts, is there something that sets different hosts apart or something that you really look for in a host?

(5:05-5:44) SSL: Yeah. Communication is super important. Everybody needs their time off. If I can send you an email or a text and I get a quick response if I need anything. That’s always super important. I like hosts that know what’s going on in their casino. They’ll tell you if there’s an upcoming promotion or an event. That kind of thing. Even new games is fun. And they know when they do go above and beyond. You get chocolate in your room or something like that. That’s always nice too.

(5:44-5:47) EF: Right. Those fun little touches they just make such a difference.

(5:47-5:49) SSL: Yeah.

(5:49-5:53) EF: So what’s next for the Slotlady and her channel?

(5:53-6:25) SSL: Yeah. I don’t know if you’ve seen many of these videos. I’ve been doing a lot of table game videos as well as slot videos. I always have slot content on my channel. But I’ve really been trying to do more regular table games and that type of content. So filming more of that. Like I said, more slot videos. So pretty much more of the same. Trying to play as many different games as I can.

(6:25-6:31) EF: Sure. If someone is unfamiliar with your channel or with what you’re doing, how can they find you?

(6:31-6:51) SSL: You can find me on YouTube. Or my website, I’m also on all the social media. It’s either Slotlady or Slotlady Gaming. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. All of those. But YouTube is probably where I’m most active.

(6:51-6:56) EF: Well, thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us today. And it was a pleasure getting to know you.

(6:56-7:01) SSL: Thank you so much.



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