5/25/2023 – Next week, MSC will bring a first to the cruise industry as its new ship, the MSC Euribia, will embark on a four-night voyage with net zero greenhouse gas emissions. In 2022, a study revealed that a single cruise ship produces emissions equivalent to approximately 12,000 cars. Hence, finding methods for cleaner cruising represents a crucial stride towards a greener planet. An MSC Executive Chairman expressed that the net zero emissions, cruise, “Marks another significant milestone in our decarbonization journey and, above all, showcases the depth of our commitment.” Learn more.

5/25/2023 – As we inch closer and closer to the debut of the Icon of the Seas early next year, Royal Caribbean continues to provide us with glimpses and insights into what we can expect on the world’s largest ship. The cruise line has recently unveiled the Empire Supper Club, which promises to offer the most elegant dining experience on board. This sophisticated restaurant will operate on a reservation-only basis, focusing on immersing diners in the essence of old New York. Passengers can look forward to indulging in premium American cuisine throughout the eight-course meal, which will all have a drink pairing. Learn more.


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