6/8/2023 – Hurtigruten Norway is making remarkable advancements in the cruise industry. Recently, they revealed an impressive development—an electric cruise ship designed for zero emissions, featuring retractable sails made of solar panels. The project, known as “Sea Zero,” aims to have the ship operational by 2030, accommodating 500 guests and 99 crew members. Learn more.

6/8/2023 – Royal Caribbean has recently extended its partnership with OceanScope for an additional four years. OceanScope, known as the “Satellites Of The Sea,” collaborates with prestigious organizations like NASA, NOAA, and the University of Miami #gocanes. Since 2002, select Royal Caribbean ships have been equipped with data collection devices, allowing them to gather valuable information on biomass, salinity, oceanic acidity, and ocean current patterns during their journeys to breathtaking ports. The objective of OceanScope and Royal Caribbean is to utilize this data to support marine conservation efforts and combat the challenges posed by climate change. Learn more.


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