If you’re a fan of cocktails in creative and dazzling surroundings, then speakeasies in Las Vegas are like hidden gems just waiting to be discovered! Tucked away behind unmarked doors and unassuming hallways, these secretive bars carry all the allure of the well-known Prohibition era. Of course, it’s the perfect theme for adding extra fun to any night in Sin City.

We all know speakeasies thrived in the 1920s as strictly confidential spots where anyone could enjoy a forbidden drink in the midst of Prohibition. However, if we fast forward to today, then we’ll see that Vegas has beautifully revived this once-outdated concept.

The biggest adventure that comes with speakeasies, naturally, is finding one! The entrances often disguise themselves as many different things: a nondescript door, a vintage phone booth, or even through a secret passage at the back of a barbershop. While all the glitz and glam of Las Vegas often brings to mind busy casinos and bright lights, the city also harbors a concealed world of these hush-hush bars. So we’ll take out some of the work for you: here are a few of the current speakeasies you might want to uncover on your next visit.

The Laundry Room:

Hidden within the Commonwealth bar of Downtown Vegas off the busy strip, The Laundry Room pays great homage to the past with its intimate environment and well-tailored, buttoned-up cocktails. It’s accessible only through a blank door with no signs or labels, so securing a reservation or impressing the Commonwealth bartender with an unconventional drink request may grant you entry. Inside, you’ll find a cozy space adorned with vintage atmosphere and expert mixologists that create personalized drinks, made to your preferences.

The Underground:

For our history buffs, we recommend The Underground, tucked away within The Mob Museum once again in Downtown Las Vegas. This speakeasy captures all the excitement of the fast-paced 1920s lifestyle, complete with a great history lesson on your way there. You’ll be able to find the password (changed weekly) on the Mob Museum’s website. Once inside, you’ll be truly transported back in time, surrounded by artifacts and exhibits dedicated to the Prohibition era. While less new-aged than The Laundry Room, this bar serves up classic, traditional cocktails while offering an education on the fascinating lives of those that first formed organized crime, and consequently culture, in Sin City.

The Count Room:

Within the Flamingo Resort’s Bugsy & Meyers Steakhouse you’ll find The Count Room, yet another traditional speakeasy inspired by Vegas’ famous mobs of old. Of course, it makes sense that you’d find it within a restaurant named specifically after the Jewish-American mobsters themselves: Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel and Meyer Lansky. Here you can enjoy casual yet swanky nightlife complete with live jazz and a build-it-yourself Old Fashioned cart. As expected considering the bar’s location, you’ll also be able to indulge yourself in aged premium steaks and beef tartare if desired.

The Barbershop Cuts & Cocktails:

The Barbershop Cuts & Cocktails is a truly unique speakeasy, providing a classic barbershop with a hidden cocktail lounge. Found within The Cosmopolitan, it combines all the old nostalgia of a traditional barbershop with a secret entrance leading to a stylish, intimate lounge. Feel free to touch up your cut with talented barbers providing classic grooming services alongside a full menu of special cocktails. If you’re looking for a more energetic night you can find their live and local music events on their website, more ideal for socializing and unwinding. The Barbershop offers a fusion of old-school charm, modern style, and top-notch libations, making it a must-visit on the Vegas Strip! 

The Lock: 

If you’re a fan of riddles and not afraid of a small challenge, The Lock at Horseshoe Las Vegas might be the perfect fit. With this bar being so new and underground it was hard to find enough to write about, however, we do know you’ll prefer a reservation that is accessed via telephone within The Cabinet of Curiosities Bar. Show up early to take a look at all the oddities before descending to your seat, but only after the locksmith helps you crack the code at the entrance! This speakeasy shows great promise for both secretive drinks and storytelling entertainment.

Ghost Donkey: 

Ghost Donkey is a vibrant and unconventional bar, also tucked away within The Cosmopolitan. Known for its lively atmosphere and creative drinks, it specializes in serving unconventional variations of mezcal and tequila-based cocktails. The eclectic decor and lively ambiance create an immersive experience, transporting patrons to a spirited setting inspired by all the colors and culture of Mexico. This menu boasts, like many others, a selection of inventive cocktails that includes their signature “Ghost Margarita” along with a variety of rare spirits. In addition to drinks, Ghost Donkey also offers a menu of delicious Mexican street food, just in case you come hungry for a bite. If you’re looking to add a little energy and excitement to your Vegas trip, this is a great place to start.

Easy’s Cocktail Lounge: 

For connoisseurs of classic music we’d recommend Easy’s Cocktail Lounge behind the Easy’s Donuts within Aria’s Proper Eats food hall. On all accounts this lounge is the classic Vegas speakeasy experience, with just a small contemporary twist. Along with the expected cocktails and libations, you can also find new music being played in old styles; from jazz to blues, there’s no bad night to see their live musicians. Sit, relax, and enjoy the cozy atmosphere, complete with comfortable seating and a welcoming vibe. Easy’s Cocktail Lounge provides a space both trendy and traditional to sate all the pallets for both locals and those just visiting Vegas.

Mike Morey’s Sip’n’Tip: 

Mike Morey’s Sip’n’Tip is a renowned speakeasy tucked in an alleyway between Fremont Street and Carson Avenue, mostly recognized for its laid-back atmosphere and comfortable surroundings. When visiting you can expect to find a casual setting where patrons can enjoy a no-frills drink much unlike the more common, “showy” nature of the Vegas Strip. It is complimented for its friendly service, live entertainment, and diverse clientele, attracting both locals and tourists looking for a relaxed spot to unwind. With its unassuming charm and affordable prices, Mike Morey’s Sip’n’Tip offers a classic dive bar experience in what is usually a bustling, busy environment.


Meow Wolf’s eccentric and immersive attractions have caused quite a buzz in many cities as of late, but none compare to the Omega Mart located in Area 15. Tucked away inside the exhibit you’ll find the Datamosh Bar, offering a unique experience blending art, technology, and mixology. The bar’s name itself hints at a glitchy, digital aesthetic and perfectly reflects the immersive and fantastical nature of its surroundings. If you decide to visit, expect a one-of-a-kind experience where avant-garde design meets colorful cocktails nestled inside a quirky and creative exhibit. 

Ski Lodge: 

Planning a trip to Vegas in the colder months that includes a little speakeasy adventure? We’ve got you covered! Ski Lodge at The Cosmopolitan is a seasonal pop-up bar that brings the cozy charm of a winter ski resort to the heart of the Strip. Hidden within the Boulevard Pool area during the winter months, this temporary establishment takes you into a mountainous retreat, complete with winter décor, faux snow, and a rustic ambiance. This hidden bar offers an array of specialty cocktails, warm drinks, and comfort foods inspired by après-ski traditions and reminiscent of its sister bar, slope-side hole-in-the-wall Bar-Gyu, in Hokkaido, Japan. Cozy up by fire pits, relax in heated winter yurts, and enjoy pizza from Cosmopolitan’s Superfrico

1923 Prohibition Bar: 

Those seeking bourbon and burlesque will be happy to know that the 1923 Prohibition Bar in Mandalay Bay is just for them. As the name would suggest, this bar recreates all the excitement of the Prohibition era, complete with a vintage speakeasy experience and featuring a hidden entrance and an interior that exudes old-world charm. You’ll find this entrance just above the equally impressive House of Blues, styled with red curtains and a classic art deco sign. It showcases a wide selection of craft cocktails, often served in elegant glassware, and offers a menu inspired by the era’s flavors. Live swing music and burlesque often graces their stage, just to further the feeling of stepping back in time. The attention to detail, from the decor to cocktails, is both immersive and nostalgic if you’re looking to indulge in a piece of history while enjoying a drink.

Mama Rabbit Bar:

Within Park MGM you can find Mama Rabbit Bar, a vibrant, colorful mezcal and tequila bar (much like Ghost Donkey) that captures the essence of a hideaway. While not entirely hidden, this bar’s immersive décor and extensively long selection of agave-based spirits create an exclusive and exciting undertone. With over 500 varieties of tequila and mezcal, it’s a paradise for all enthusiasts looking for a unique and adventurous experience.

The Dorsey:

We’ll take a moment to pay homage to one of the greatest bars in Vegas closed just this past June. While not a traditional “speakeasy” per se, The Dorsey at The Venetian Resort exuded an elegance altogether reminiscent of the underground bars of yesteryears. This cocktail bar provided a sophisticated atmosphere with plush seating and a chic design. Although not hidden, The Dorsey’s allure was its exceptional drink menu curated by top-of-the-line experts, offering a beautiful selection of cocktails crafted with style. If you’re like us and missed the opportunity to visit, don’t be too disappointed; this venue will be now used for dueling pianos! 



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