Dealers in casinos, similar to beverage servers, often rely on tips, considering they work for minimum wage. To support them, the video suggests various ways to tip craps dealers. One method is making a bet for them, such as placing a dollar on the pass line next to your bet. If the bet wins, the dealer receives the dollar, and you can choose to keep it or use it to bet again.

Alternatively, players may opt to be a hard way for the dealers, like throwing a hard 10 when the point is 10. While it’s a long shot, dealers appreciate the gesture as it keeps them engaged in the game. Another approach involves placing bets for the dealer on the six and eight and leaving them up, allowing the bets to accumulate and potentially grow.

The key takeaway is to tip consistently throughout the game rather than waiting until the end. Tipping is seen as a way to ensure good service, and we encourage players to tip early and often and suggest tipping immediately after buy-in to signal support for the dealers, reinforcing the idea that the player and dealer are in the game together.


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