The simple card you have to sign up for every time you go to a new casino with promises of “Tier Credits” or points which get you treated better next time you go to the casino. We are of course talking about the casino player card, or loyalty card, that has come to be an expected sight in the casino. 

But is the card really worth it? Do you really get better comps for playing with it? Or can playing with it mess up your odds in the slot machine and steal your jackpots? All these questions and more are answered below…

Whats the Point?

Basically the casino uses the players card to track your play through the casino. As simple as that.

How it works: Slot Machines

In slot machines this is as simple as when you sit down you put your card in and from then on the casino can see what machine you’re playing, average bet, and how long you’re there. Everything is done in the computer and instantly updated on your profile. This is how you can earn points in real time and, in many casinos, redeem those points for free play or “comps” on meals and spa treatments.  

How it works: Table Games

For table games, the process of earning points with your players card is a little more old school. When you sit down at a table and cash in, you hand your players card to the dealer who will then call over a pit boss who will take note of your players card number and keep an eye on your play. They are taking notes on your average bet and time played. This system is a little more skewed to human error, so any time you play for an extended period MAKE SURE you ask to be rated by giving your card to the dealer. Then whenever you notice the pitboss checking the table make sure you have a high bet out.

A couple quick tips to maximize your comps when playing the tables:

  1. Buy in for as much as you can (even if you don’t intend to play that amount) – depending on the casino, a higher buy in at the table can trigger higher offers in the mail and better comps because they think you have the “potential” to be a very valuable customer.
  2. Start your sessions with a high bet – when you hand your players card to the pit boss and he begins logging your play, he will enter how much you bought in for and what your average bet is. So it is a good idea to start out with a high bet which you can then lower when the pit boss walks away. This helps to maximize your “average bet” in the system and ensure you receive the most comps possible.
  3. The last tip is to Tip the dealer (and the pit boss!) – when you win, it’s good karma to tip the dealer, but did you know that adding an additional chip in front of the chip you are giving to the dealer signifies a tip to the pit boss? Put out the two bets and make sure that the pit boss knows you’re putting one out there for him. Also, it’s a wise move to be tipping the pit boss when you have a big bet out so that he notices and increases your average bet rating!

Is it Worth it?

The whole players card system can sometimes seem a little “Big Brother” (we get it), but in the long run, this tracking is a good thing! The casino uses this data to rate you as a player and then send you offers that you qualify for based on that tracked play. The more money through the slots, the higher your average bet and the longer you play, the more offers the casino will send to bring you back. But the only way the casino knows who you are and how much you play is through that players card – so use it!

UrComped can use the elevated tier status you earn at the casinos where you play to get you comped at new casinos and cruise lines around the world. For example if you are Elite at Winstar World Casino or Diamond for Total Rewards we can set you up with a comped stay at nearly all of our partner casinos. 

Can the Casino Use it Against Me?

A common misconception is that a casino will see that you keep winning with your players card in and they will make it so you lose to make it even again. Many people feel like when a slot isn’t paying out they pull out their players card and suddenly their luck changes so it must have been the card right? Wrong. Sorry. Slot machines are controlled entirely by a Random Number Generator (RNG for short) and your players card has no effect on how the RNG chooses your winnings.  And by pulling out your players card and putting money through the casino no longer tracks it was you that put money in. Meaning that money didn’t help you earn tier credits and ultimately dropping your chances of getting comps. 

In Summary

Sign up for a players card, use it every time you play the slots or tables. Doing all this gives you the best chances of getting comped next time you come into the casino. Also booking with URComped we use your existing play to guarantee comps at the casino before you go. We negotiate directly with the casino on your behalf to make sure you are treated like a VIP and get the comps you deserve. 



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