In craps, a hop bet involves wagering on a specific one-roll outcome based on the dice combination. For example, if you bet on the dice rolling a 5 and 4 (54), it’s called a “54 hop,” with a 15 to 1 payout.

A hard eight hop is explained, where you bet on the dice rolling a 4 and 4 (44). This has a 30 to 1 payoff because there’s only one way for the hard 8 to roll with both dice on the number 4.

The difference in payout is attributed to the distinction between “easy way” and “hard way” rolling. The 54 combinations can occur in two ways, while the 44 combination has only one.

Hop bets may not be displayed on all casino layouts, and some casinos might not accept these bets if not displayed. Checking the casino layout is advised to see if hop bets are available.


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